On the Issue of Cancer

ShareHere I sit, doing busy things, some paying off, and some I wish I hadn’t started, healing from cancer. I am isolated from some of the people I love and admire most in my life. Yes I am dealing with f**king cancer again. The first time it wasn’t me personally, but my son, Andrew, and it took his life at 16 back in October 2007. Then I realize that it is OK to be angry and to let it get you down periodically, because honesty with self is all part of that great healing process that everybody talks about, and … Continue reading

Conversation about the Nature of God Part I

Share Conversation on the Nature of God [perfect_quotes id=”1938″] Players: Friend 1: A born again Christian, and a seeker Friend 2: A scientifically minded realist, and a Spiritualist Friend 3: A Catholic – mostly non-practising, but a very strong woman True Seeker: A student, and contributor to our PureHeart work. Me: A Spiritualist teacher, and Seeker This is the conversation I experienced with some friends of mine on Facebook regarding one of the statements allegedly made by the current pontiff, Pope Francis. I was posting my thoughts as to its validity. My friend is a practising modern born again Christian, … Continue reading

Angels Dancing on the Head of a Pin

ShareI was going through my Facebook history when I came across this little gem So as I was showering today, the question “How many angels can dance on the top of pin?” popped into my head, and so did the answer: “The size of the head of the pin increases exponentially to accommodate the number of angels who are drawn together with intent and desire to dance on the head of said pin. They do not offer any resistance, (judgement) about either the size of the pin nor the number of participants.” Whoa! Well Duh! Doesn’t everybody know that?? *grin* … Continue reading

Aligning with the Energy of the Egyptian Temples

ShareAlmost two years ago I made the move from Atlanta to the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico where I have undergone profound spiritual growth. However, that experience was only a prelude to the transformational journey I took to Egypt last November. I was privileged to be one of twelve Lightworkers who flew to Cairo for an intensive sacred journey led by Julie Wiley of Spirit and Adventure Tours. My purpose was to further purify my energy fields by downloading, attuning, and aligning with the sacred frequencies and energies still found in the ruins of the ancient Temples and Pyramids. … Continue reading