Conversation about the Nature of God Part I

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Conversation on the Nature of God
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Friend 1: A born again Christian, and a seeker
Friend 2: A scientifically minded realist, and a Spiritualist
Friend 3: A Catholic – mostly non-practising, but a very strong woman
True Seeker: A student, and contributor to our PureHeart work.
Me: A Spiritualist teacher, and Seeker

IMG_0478This is the conversation I experienced with some friends of mine on Facebook regarding one of the statements allegedly made by the current pontiff, Pope Francis. I was posting my thoughts as to its validity. My friend is a practising modern born again Christian, and it led us into a deeper discussion. It showed the fear and Love emotion angle very strong, and showed that 2 people can have a difference of opinion without falling out over it. I believe our conversation was divinely guided, and there was information in there for both of us. I know, for me, I learned quite a few things about myself, one of them being if I am going to write, then write. Write more.

The fear for me is that what I write brings out anger in people instead of actual conversation. I am definitely not saying that I know everything, and what I do know is definitely not necessarily Universal truth. I am saying that this is what I know to be true for me. Whether it is a Universal truth or not, isn’t for me to determine, but for others to take and use as they please. If it helps them, great, and if it doesn’t, that’s great too. I just need to continue to write because I learn so much from the people I interact with. I appreciate that because the one thing I am sure of when dealing with what I know, is that I don’t know everything. I will make it a goal to know more. I hope you enjoy the conversation, and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

ME: How much of this stuff, what the pope is credited to saying, is actually true has yet to be determined. It is what he or the church of Rome will tolerate, and allow to be said as his. It is what it causes in the short run that will end up being important, not whether it is true or not. We may even end up with a virtual pope.

YELLOWWell it is an interesting argument as to whether or not he actually said these things, and it goes to our nature as to what our perception as to the nature of God is. Is he a loving God, is he a judgemental God, or is he a convenient God. I believe most people use him as a convenient God. Although I believe these things need to be discussed and looked at, we should fact-check and determine whether the pope actually said it or not. It also isn’t whether God is changing or not, it is whether we as a species, are changing or not, and is our perception of him changing,Are we gaining more of an understanding of the nature of God.

<FRIEND 3:> No hell!! Think the Syrians and hungry cud disagree! X – This was a side reaction to the actual comment.

FRIEND 1: (In reference to what I said last.) I get that. But I don’t see how I could serve a changing God. I don’t want to be chasing a moving target. I hope that doesn’t land me in the camp of those using God as a convenient God, but Scripture says that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There are verses that call Him the Unchanging One. I just can’t reconcile one man’s quote (even if that man IS the Pope) with the Word of God. The Bible will win that each time. Especially because I’m not catholic.

Editor’s note: Never chase a moving target, become a better shot. Catholics are Christians, last time I looked.

ME: I believe that Christians as a whole are faced with a choice, the same choice they have always been faced with – Old Testament, or New testament. The old testament being a Jewish book, and by their own admission, not as filled with the accuracies that some Christians would have us believe. The New Testament, the alleged biographical story of the teacher Yesua. Some Christians have simplified their lives by choosing one over the other, and in most cases, the new Testament won out as it is more or less filled with a more loving solution to their path.

ME: Yes but what does it say about the perception of the same God, a God that is never changing. If he moves you move. It’s not about chasing a moving target as much as it is getting better knowledge of what it is you have actually placed your faith in. Wouldn’t a changed perception, deeper or shallower, of something make it appear differently to you?

MartinsTopHatSillohetteFRIEND 1: You see, that’s where I would disagree. It’s all one text. I have actually been on a quest to read the whole Bible start to finish. I started with the New Testament and finished it in December. Started Old Testament in January but I fell off the wagon until picking it back up in June. Since then, I’ve been reading 5 chapters every night and I’m all the way through Esther, starting in Job tonight. The OT continually talks about a Saviour coming. Every prophecy about the Messiah was fulfilled in Christ. Every prophecy written in every book, written hundreds of years before He was born, he fulfilled. The New Testament was the story of Jesus, and the new covenant man had with God through His son’s sacrifice.

Stay tuned for Part II – Next week, or maybe earlier. Please leave your comments below.

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