Aligning with the Energy of the Egyptian Temples

Almost two years ago I made the move from Atlanta to the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico where I have undergone profound spiritual growth. However, that experience was only a prelude to the transformational journey I took to Egypt last November. I was privileged to be one of twelve Lightworkers who flew to Cairo for an intensive sacred journey led by Julie Wiley of Spirit and Adventure Tours. My purpose was to further purify my energy fields by downloading, attuning, and aligning with the sacred frequencies and energies still found in the ruins of the ancient Temples and Pyramids.

Months before leaving for my journey, many friends and intuitives began warning me not to go to Egypt because they felt I would not return. A dear psychic friend took me to lunch, and with tears in her eyes, told me to put my house in order for I would not return from Egypt. In the process of releasing my fear and trusting in the Divine guidance of my life, I realized that for me to fully progress on my life journey, my soul needed this work. I called a reliable Sirian Soul sister who channels for further confirmation of my knowing. She told me to use discernment at all times. In particular she suggested that I be extremely careful at Luxor Temple where my primary initiation would take place. She reminded me that as always, I would have freedom of choice. She said I would come back from Egypt a new person having transformed and letting the old die away.

As I made my way through each of the temples we visited, I was intuitively guided to the place for aligning and downloading the right and perfect information into my energy fields. Sometimes holy men in the temple would stand guard at the doorway while I meditated. Without spoken word they knew the work I was doing. Sometimes the holy man of the temple would show me to a more energetic place or guide me to put my hands on a certain wall. Lots of grounding and integration was necessary after each visit. As I connected with my past life experiences in Egypt, I released much pain buried deep in my soul and felt lighter with each experience.

Luxor Temple was one of the twelve sacred temples in which we were to align with the energies and receive the information and transformation we needed. We entered Luxor Temple at night to do group ceremony and afterward to connect individually with the energies, since each of us had different work to do. I stepped away to touch a wall and started feeling waves of nausea with dry heaves to follow. A feeling of disconnection to reality occurred – as if I were in a walking dream. My friend Faith observed me and got help to take me outside. Soon my breathing decreased and was shallow. Faith placed her hands under my ribcage, forced me to breathe and continuously spoke to me, guiding me to stay conscious in the moment. I began screaming “I want to leave, to go home and leave this painful life. I was never told it would be this hard and this painful. I have had enough.” Faith spoke to me, assuring me that I could not leave and life would be easier after this as I would be able to manifest in higher frequencies. I would be given more support than I could imagine. I heard myself asking for a partnership to assist in my mission on the planet. I asked that this partner appear to me soon, stand in front of me and let me know him.

On the fifteenth day of our sacred journey we flew back to Cairo. Our bus became stuck in slow moving traffic as we drove to our hotel near the Pyramids. I sat in my seat and contemplated the view of the three Pyramids. I had passed all the initiations and was now energetically opening the ancient seven seals of the Pyramids to get the powerful energetic download of my life. When we arrived at the hotel I was incoherent and was taken to my room where Faith again rescued me with her Reconnective Therapy, assisting my integration of massive amounts of high frequency energies.

Today I feel a deep peace with the ability to step into my highest good in each moment. I feel thankful and joyful. Life is Good! Yes, my Divine partner has arrived.

On September 19 I will return to Egypt with Julie and her tour once more to continue the growth of my soul.

By Cindy Bentley RN
Energy Practitioner

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