Angels Dancing on the Head of a Pin

I was going through my Facebook history when I came across this little gem

So as I was showering today, the question “How many angels can dance on the top of pin?” popped into my head, and so did the answer:

“The size of the head of the pin increases exponentially to accommodate the number of angels who are drawn together with intent and desire to dance on the head of said pin. They do not offer any resistance, (judgement) about either the size of the pin nor the number of participants.”


Well Duh! Doesn’t everybody know that?? *grin*

Then also, another question popped into my head:

“Why do we (humans on Planet Earth) presume to assume that it is the angels who must change to accommodate the head of the pin rather than the other way around?”

This day is off to a great start … don’t ‘cha think?

Things that make you go “Oh no, not again.”

It’s All Good!

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