I decided to make this a 3 parter so to give you something to read Tuesday morning. I didn’t have time to finish it. I’m not doing it on purpose I swear! ;-)

“At the beginning, of the Light didn’t appear to get any closer, but stayed like a constant vigil on my progress. As I walked I had nothing to look at so thoughts about my life came into my mind. The first thing I thought was that where I was, was nothing like what I had been taught. All those times I was warned to be good or I would go to hell, all came together in my mind.

This wasn’t heaven or hell, but I knew that if I stayed positive, the journey seems more bearable. I started thinking for some odd reason about church, my family, and things I believed or was forced to believe. I began realizing that a lot of what happened to me was a lack of education; not really my fault. Then, for the same old reason, I started thinking of all the ties I allowed myself to be compromised by others. I started to cry.

As I cried, I found myself realizing that these people in my life had exactly the same education as me. They did to me what they knew to do, mostly based on what was done to them. As these names from my life came up, I was able to understand them and forgive them.

Through my tears I realized the places in my life where I was not fair to myself. I realized that by doing that I was never fair to others. I had a misguided view of myself in my life. But I felt strongly ok with that now. This “now” that was happening around me as I walk across the Bridge.

As I looked up, I saw the Light, brighter and closer than before! As I continued to review my life, my choices, and my relationships, these strange feelings of utter joy kept coming and coming! I could feel happiness and peace, a peace like I have never known before. As I let people go in forgiveness that I had blamed, the peace came faster and faster!

The darkness that was surrounding me was transforming into a beautiful Light on either side. I started seeing images of those that I knew that went on before me. My Mom, My Dad, and my 2 brothers. I could feel them again, and I saw them smiling. I heard many beautiful voices in my head saying ‘Welcome Home!’

All of a sudden I could see the other side of the Bridge. Standing with arms wide open was the most beautiful Angel. His face was void of wrinkles and his wings covered the whole sky! I was excited, happy, and no longer scared. He drew me to him, and I felt warm, happy and at home.

I was taken from this place into a beautiful crystal room. I was then approached by 2 more beautiful Angels who bathed and dressed me. I have always loved crystals but never really understood what to do with them.

This was the first time in my life that I ever felt totally loved. These beings didn’t want anything from me, and seemed to shine brighter, the happier I became. This was wonderful!

I was then lead from this place into another place that looked like the home I grew up in. I was remembering the happy times. I wasn’t sure at the time if my thoughts created this place or whether the place made me have the thoughts. I am a lot more aware now though.

I watched as everyone I had ever loved or had loved me came into the room. They were happy and we shared stories and hugs. It was wonderful. It was a beautiful reunion, and I realized the whole journey on the bridge. It’s lessons and it’s reason became very clear to me now. If we knew this information before we crossed, the journey would be so much easier!”

Part 3 tomorrow!


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  1. Karen T. says:

    Thought I missed the torture when I signed in and read the first part… then I read Part 2 of 3. Ugh…I can’t wait!!

  2. Swati says:

    Heeehaw!!! I saw it before sleeping! Now I shall pester you till you type in the rest. Or maybe I’ll go out of my body tonight and sing loudly in your bedroom, “I AM HENRY THE 8th I AM! HENRY THE 8th I AM I AM…”. (The movie “Ghost” style).

  3. Dana says:

    LOL @ Swati!

    The story is picking up speed nicely now! :-D

  4. Denise says:

    Torture torture Ohhhh Swati I like that Idea!!!!! heee heee ( evil laugh )
    A little astral travel just might be in order :D

  5. Leah Clark says:

    Swati – make sure you come get me for the journey!!! LOL!!!! It’s stories like these that REALLY make me wish I could paint!!! I can SEE it as I READ it!!!! So utterly beautiful…

  6. Leila says:

    “If we knew this information before we crossed, the journey would be so much easier”

    I am so glad that you are sharing this information. May it bring peace to many.
    imho…our crossing doesn’t have to be difficult or scary. It depends on our beliefs/thoughts about it when we cross as to how the experience is.
    By releasing/healing/forgiving/loving in the here now-it allows for a much grander party when we cross. We all get a party, it’s just some of us really know how to party LOL

    I look forward to part 3! Is it morning yet???? LOL

    Leah, you can paint! Get a roll of butcher paper (or some type of inexpensive paper) student water color paints or canvas and student grade acrylic paints and paint away! Turn off the thinking part of your mind (put on some music & dance) and just release your feelings/visions through your fingers on to the paper. Don’t think about color, subject or composition. Just flow. You’ll be amazed by all the beauty and symbolism in the painting and you’ll feel such joy from the expression. Play! :-)



  7. Pretty Mama says:

    Exactly Leila! Crossing over should NOT be scary! It should be a beautiful journey home. It’s our choice what our journey will be! Live life like you said and the journey will be waaaay cool! Andrew is preparing our journey home, we have a personal escort! :-D He’s getting the castle ready!

    Geez am I interrupting a mutiny here or something?? LOL I wanted to finish it but Martin had the computer! I swear! It wasn’t my fault!

  8. Leah Clark says:

    Leila – I meant I wish I could paint the visions in my head so they actually looked on paper like they do in my mind! LOL!!! I’m all for creative expression and not caring what anyone else sees in it, I’d just like for it look like something in this case. hahaha

  9. Leila says:

    Connie, I never understood why someone who truly was and lived a very “religious” life (she didn’t appear to judge others either –perhaps her self ;-))would be so afraid to cross for she was a wonderful being and had done great acts of kindness. Perhaps if she had read this it would have helped her to cross with out fear. May your and Andrew’s message reach many!

    Leah, sorry for taking your comment literally. LOL
    Thank you for reminding me not to give unsolicited advice. :-)

    Love and abundant blessings,


  10. admin says:

    That’s what I find interesting about religious people Leila, most are afraid of crossing. I am hoping that Margaret’s story helps those that feel the same way Margaret did when she was here. You’d think my parents would be interested in this info, but no such luck. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water…….

  11. Karen T. says:

    I know that when I was religious, I was afraid of crossing because I just knew I wasn’t going to get it right and would burn in hell. Oh my, am I so happy to be rid of those fears!! Hey Leah…am I right?!

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