Here ya go, the 3rd and final part of this person’s journey Home.

“We are born knowing these things, then it is taught out of us as we get older. I know that now. As I help others on the Bridge of Transition, I am aware of their process, and I help them when they listen.

My only advice is to NEVER allow others to pull you away from who you are. Not everybody has to travel the Bridge of Transition. Some people do cross enlightened. Babies are born enlightened and will never see the Bridge. Babies that cross are re-born right into the arms of their Angels.

Young people have less of a journey than older people. This is why it is important to get the information that you need BEFORE you cross. I would advise anyone to do what you can to not spend as much time on the Bridge as I did. That is what I teach now to those that hear me on the Earth plane.

The beautiful soul that really helped me understand, is the one I gave this story to and the permission to use it, Glan Croi. My name is Margaret.

Blessings and peace to all of you! Stay in love with yourself and always look for the higher ground when challenges come your way. Do not dwell on the negative things and know that you are always loved even when you don’t love yourself. We are consistent with you and love you throughout your Earth plane journey.”

Stay in peace my friends!

Love, Margaret


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  1. Dana says:

    *quote* Not everybody has to travel the Bridge of Transition.

    Awesome! and now we have the rest of the time allowed to us to learn how to love ourselves again! *thumbsup!*

  2. Denise says:

    2 **thumbs up** quote “NEVER allow others to pull you away from who you are and all ways look for higher ground when challenges come your way”

    Yes I agree Dana !!! :D

    Thank you Andrew and Margaret

  3. kimberley says:

    What a Beautiful message. I’ve got goosebumps, again.
    One question, when are the books going to be ready ?
    Can’t wait to read them !!!

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    Well Kimberly, we’ll see what Andrew will bring in for us. Right now we’ll have 2 books ready to go together it looks like to me. The first, about Andrew’s younger years then through his journey in the hospital. The 2nd, will be the letters from an Avatar to his mother. Andrew just gave Martin a 9 pg letter on the plane home, of a tour through our castle. THAT will be for the book! :-) I might give you an excerpt here of it. Denise has already heard a bit about it. Don’t ya just hate her for living so close! LOL Not if you want to have a pleasant Bridge walk! LMAO!

    Now remember Dana, it’s usually children, babies, & Avatars that don’t have to cross the Bridge. Ill ask Andrew, but I think the Bridge is also to see the JOY we brought as well, not just any pain we may have endured or caused. It’s about viewing everything you have learned and if you got everything you came here to learn. ;-)

    What is cool is that EVERYONE gets across the Bridge if they allow themselves to. It just takes some longer than others. Again, I think the movie “Defending Your Life” gives a good idea of what it’s like in a Hollywood sort of way. Albert Brooks has more to go thru than Meryl Streep. He doesn’t get the chocolate on the pillows or the 5pm champagne cocktail hour. His hotel is more like a Motel 6! LOL And hers is like The Ritz.

    The lesson for Albert Brook’s character is, is how he let fear stop him from doing a lot in his life.

    Of course no one is putting you on trial or judging you, only you judge you. But you do get an over all view of your life and see if you came here and did what you came here to do. Did you full fill your contract.
    He had 9 life scenes he had to review, she had like maybe 3 if that.

    I have to rent that movie again now that I understand the process more.

  5. Swati says:

    What a wonderful message! I would actually like to go on the bridge…would be very intersting to see the life just gone by, all the important moments. So good thing I am a non-avatar adult. hehe!! See…this fascination of seeing a life is stemming from wanting to see past lives in regressions. Never saw it, so I am very very interested. I think I’ll put an ezchair on the bridge and sit and watch to my heart’s content. Thank you so much Andrew and Margaret….and Connie and Martin for bringing this lovely message to us.

    Connie I saw “Defending your Life”. It was awesome!!!

  6. Dana says:

    I think I’ll put an ezchair on the bridge and sit and watch to my heart’s content. *quote*

    LOL @ Swati! That’s the spirit! I think I’ll rent that movie too!

    *quote* “NEVER allow others to pull you away from who you are and all ways look for higher ground when challenges come your way” *quote*

    That quote is particularly awesome!

  7. Leila says:

    Who is Margaret??? Is she and Andrew working together or did they just meet and she shared her experience with Andrew for him to get the info to you and others or ?????
    Not that it’s important to the message just inquiring minds want to know. LOL

    Thanks again!

    Love & Blessings

  8. Sara says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this Martin, it gives me peace knowing this. Mom Viola explained things after this more to me, and described that after the reunion area each goes and spends time in their own special areas, sometimes together with family but sometimes apart when souls are on different levels. So my dad was in his own room but mom was out and about doing soul work. They both knew where the other was, but because my dad was not so evolved spiritually, he did not do the soul work and was basically hanging out with his dogs watching the birds.. Thank you to Andrew and Margaret as well and hoping Viola is still around as well working hard there!
    Much love to you and Connie!

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