Here is the first part of the channel Martin did from Andrew and the other Soul who made their transition. I decided in order to give you something to read now AND tomorrow, as we make our way home, (doin happy dance!) I’ll share the rest of this story with you tomorrow so you have something to read with your morning java! :-D I can feel your urges to smack me! LMAO!! (evilly) Now don’t be a haten! :-D

ANDREW: When you reach this stage in your journey it will be time to cross. This is a most wonderful part of your life journey on Earth. It is called crossing because you must cross from one side to the other. You travel from where you are to where we are.

The Bridge is the best way to give you a physical idea of the way this process occurs. At the moment of your passing from your world, you will be at the end of a beautiful bridge. You must cross the bridge to come home.

How you perceive the bridge and the process itself, will determine the type of journey you will have. It is not the journey or the destination that is important; it is what the journey makes of you. This is the Golden Opportunity to learn and reflect on your past experience on Earth.

I want to relay a story as it was told to me by one such traveler. My journey was different so I have no personal knowing of the crossing of the Bridge at this time. The Soul that described it to me believed that they lived a good life, but they did cross burdened with many religious conditioning. In their words:

“I was a very religious person in that I went to church every Sunday, and volunteered there. I believed in hell and I believed in the devil. I believed I had to spend my life in service and giving so as to receive everything when I died.

I was very scared about death, wondering if I was good enough. When I finally passed, I passed scared. These feelings seemed to manifest what I was afraid of. I remember thinking that I was right all along. I wasn’t good enough and I was going to be punished for that.

I saw a faint light way in the distance, but had no idea what it’s intentions were. I saw ahead of me a bridge. I tried a few times to cross over this bridge, but I was scared. I was in a dilemma. What ever the light was, I knew I didn’t deserve to be with it-good or bad. I was stuck. If it was a good light, I didn’t deserve it because I wasn’t good enough. If it was a bad light, I didn’t deserve that either. I was really stuck. Here I was at the beginning of the end of a bridge and I couldn’t move!

I have always prayed on Earth, but I never really heard anything. I guess I never listened. I didn’t know how. Can I be penalized for that? So I prayed again, but with resolve to listen. The voice I heard was sweet, and it urged me to go to the Light. With much sadness for I really wanted to go back and fix what I did wrong, I started onto the Bridge.

This was an incredible journey for me. It was as if the journey purified me. As I stepped onto the bridge, I could see a blackness. The Light was so very far ahead. On either side of the Bridge, I could hear voices, muffled voices, and I could see shapes of people and things. This added to my fear at the beginning, but as I traveled I learned more about the process.”

To be Continued!


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  1. Denise says:

    Ahhhhhhh I can’t wait !!!!! :D I’ll have to get up extra early so I can read it before I have to go to Tampa!!!!!

  2. Swati says:

    LOL!! You do love to torture us, don’t you?

  3. Dana says:

    *is very grateful that I’m releasing a lot of this crap before I actually cross over!*

    It’s sad really that the organization that is supposed to bring a body closer to God is the organization that keeps folks as far away as possible?

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Ha – sounds like Purgatory to me… it figures that that is something else made up to scare us… LOL!!!

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