ShareYes, receiving is an art form, especially for women. You’d think receiving would be the easiest thing in the world to do, right? WRONG! I have found over the years, especially when I was a nail tech, the only time women took for themselves was every 2 weeks to get their nails done, and a few of them even felt guilty about that. Women by nature are the nurturers and givers, not receivers. I’m not sure when all that nonsense started, but it definitely needs to STOP! I have to say, that I have been guilty of not being able … Continue reading


Share(this is suppose to only be on the the early years side. Gotta get Marts to move it. HELP! I need the Cyber Savvy class! I’ve screwed this all up I see) I was just reminded of this story when I was posting a reply on the other part of the blog & knew it was time for another Muck tales here. When Andrew was 9 yrs. old we went to Orlando for a health and wellness convention for the company Martin and I were with. Our friends from W. Virginia were there and their brother and kids from Washington … Continue reading


Share THE WONDER YEARS Sunday, November 18th, 2007 When Andrew was younger he was so outgoing as I mentioned before. He just loved to talk to everyone! SO here’s a few more stories for you about The Muck! When I would take him to work with me at the nail salon when we lived in Ft. Lauderdale, he would go to every nail desk and have a chat with everyone! The one young girl upfront did not appreciate his friendly demeanor at all. Ahhh she was a bitch anyway! Most others found him delightful. The teachers that would come in … Continue reading