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I was just reminded of this story when I was posting a reply on the other part of the blog & knew it was time for another Muck tales here.

When Andrew was 9 yrs. old we went to Orlando for a health and wellness convention for the company Martin and I were with. Our friends from W. Virginia were there and their brother and kids from Washington State came as well. Their son was Andrew’s age. We all went to Epcot together.

One afternoon before the evening event we were watching Oprah, this was when she would have Dr. Phil on. Andrew would always watch her show with me. I didn’t think anything of it. I wasn’t really sure if he was paying attention anyway. Sometimes we would discuss the topics.

During the convention, Billie would watch the kids. This one particular evening she decided to take the kids to a Chinese restaurant. The boys were talking their usual 9 yr. old Pokemon talk. What cards they had, what tournaments they had been in, the Pokemon cartoons. Typical right??

Then it took a sharp left turn! Out of the blue, outta no where, Andrew says “Did you catch Dr. Phil on Oprah today?? He knows his stuff! He says men need to put on the toilet roll the right way and don’t beat your woman!”

Well, Billie nearly joked from laughing so hard. I mean she was laughing so hard and so loud that the entire restaurant got quite and was staring at their table. But she couldn’t stop herself! Her niece was like “Aunt Billie, PLEASE stop laughing! Everyone is looking at us!” Billie couldn’t talk! The tears are tripping her from laughing so hard! Every time she looked at Andrew she’d laugh even harder because he’s sitting there wondering what’s so funny. It’s just normal conversation to him! LOL

She couldn’t figure how a 9 yr.old could switch gears so fast from Pokemon to dispensing Dr. Phil advice about not beating yer woman!

I believe it was at this same dinner that Andrew told Jason to keep his stinking energy away from him when Jason told him he’d never save enough money for his motorbike. I believe Andrew informed him that he could manifest anything he wanted to, if he stayed positive & focused.

Billie said “You would know he was your son!” Yes he is! And I am proud and honored to be able to call him my son!


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6 Responses to DR. PHIL SEZ

  1. Dana says:

    That is an awesome story Connie! Keep ’em coming!

  2. admin says:

    I got a million of them! give or take ;-)

  3. Leah Clark says:

    I’ve heard some of the other stories before, but this is a new one!! I wonder what Andrew has to say about Dr. Phil and the Britney debacle? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Swati says:

    From what I know Andrew as now, I am not at all surprised :-D. Somehow it sounds absolutely normal that the 9 year old Andrew would say that.

  5. Karen T. says:

    I love these stories Connie! Life with your son must’ve been something…you are soooo blessed!!

  6. admin says:

    He is such a great kid and I can’t believe our time together here is all gone! I was enjoying him so much as a teenager! How many parents can say that?? I didn’t get to do that with my daughter. She was a pain in my ass! As I’m sure she thinks I was to her. :-) Right when I think my life has finally evened out and is smooth sailing, all my hard work has paid off, BAM! I get hit like a ton o bricks!

    Yea he’s not weighing in on things that have no meaning like anything to do with Brittany, sorry Leah, you’ll have to watch ET to get the latest! LOL  Dr. Phil explained what happened on his show anyway so I think Muck is still a fan of his.
    I felt it was totally normal what Andrew said. Billie thought he was so mature. I dunno, I thought he was very much a 9 yr old who did a lot of 9 yr old things, he was just evolved. He would always prefer to be around kids than adults.

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