Sunday, November 18th, 2007

When Andrew was younger he was so outgoing as I mentioned before. He just loved to talk to everyone! SO here’s a few more stories for you about The Muck!

When I would take him to work with me at the nail salon when we lived in Ft. Lauderdale, he would go to every nail desk and have a chat with everyone! :-D The one young girl upfront did not appreciate his friendly demeanor at all. Ahhh she was a bitch anyway! :-D Most others found him delightful. The teachers that would come in were in awe of him and how bright he was. I’d say “Can you talk to his teachers?? They don’t seem to appreciate his intelligence!” :-D What an understatement that was!

One of the clients that came in who was not a client of mine, asked me if Andrew was my son. I was a little afraid to answer that knowing it could go either way! LOL I decided to claim him. She said that she just loved him! YAY! Another fan! *happy dance* She said that when he would ride his bike around, if he saw anyone in their yard working he’d just stop on by to chat. He did so with her on several occasions and that her and her husband really enjoyed chatting with him. Awwwww how sweet huh?

On another occasion I went looking for him at a friend’s house in our neighborhood and a woman stopped to talk to me. She too asked if I was Andrew’s mother. Again I hesitated, weighing it up, she seemed friendly enough so I again claimed him. LOL She said that he was so a good way. She said that he had such an innocence about him that most kids don’t have anymore. She said it was refreshing talking to him. YAY! Yet another fan!

He also like the old people in the neighborhood there. He found out if he talked to them, them they would give him candy; the good stuff too! Which came in handy when I had a hankering for some chocolate! I’d say “Be a good boy & go talk to the old lady down the street! Mommy needs you to score some chocolate!” LMAO Or something to that effect.

He is a garage sale nut! He loves garage sales and garbage picking on bulk pick up day! I was telling a friend this at work, that he loves his garbage pickin. His motto was “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure!” He really believed that! Her mother lived in my neighborhood and baby sat her son. She called me after she had left work, I was still there, to tell me she saw Andrew bent over a garbage can, and that I wasn’t lying about his garbage pickin! LOL LOL

He would get ALL excited when he saw a U-Haul truck! He knew it meant MOVING DAY! AND people love to throw out stuff when they move!! He was right there as soon as the U-Haul truck pulled out of the drive way. He was like a drug addict withdrawing from crack if the truck sat for a few days. He was like “What is taking them so long?? C’mon move already!” LOL. He found a kid’s set of gulf clubs once & some pretty cool stuff. One time he brought home a ton of paper back books and cleared out his dresser to put them in. He couldn’t even read them! And they were nonsense books too! But to him they were a treasure! He was only 5-7 yrs old when he did all this!

When we were moving to Sarasota, we were loading the truck when this old lady came by that we have never seen before. She says “Is it true then? Andrew is really moving?” I said “yes, we are.” She was so sad! I thought she was going to cry, and we had no idea who she was! I asked Martin who she was and he said “I guess one of Andrew’s friends” We had to laugh as no kids came around to say good bye only an old lady! LOL

He’s kept us laughing the whole past 16 yrs and I know he will continue to do so!

I love you Muck!


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2 Responses to THE WONDER YEARS

  1. Leah Clark says:

    I’ve heard these before, but I never get tired of hearing them again. Makes me wish I had the opportunity to do the garage sale with Muck when he was here – oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to invite him along when things start up again!

  2. Swati says:

    I love garage sales too! But I never get to go to one.

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