Peace Of The Soul Part II

Read Part I first in the post below if you haven’t read it already before you read this post. I mean it! Scroll down now & read part 1 first!

This epiphany hit me as I lay on the bed telling Larry how he owed me. All of a sudden as I’m telling him this, I am aware that my vibration is higher. While I am still aware I’m in the room, I also know I am somewhere else now as well. I am trying to find the words to adequately describe what happened next. All this information was being shared with me so quickly, but not with words, a knowing if you will. It was so quick and powerful, I am hoping I can adequately describe how powerful and healing this was/is for me.

Well, guess who was there on this Higher vibration I found myself in? Yup! Larry! Imagine my surprise! It wasn’t his human side that was there of course, it was his Higher Self energy. He came to me and informed me that if I was open to it, he would use his gifts that he should have used while here by sharing his gifts through me to help me accomplish I wanted. By doing that, I would be helping him to make up for what he did to me, as well as help his own soul evolve. Hmmmm a win/win situation perhaps?

I can’t even begin to explain the love that surrounded me, it brought tears to my eyes. It was awe inspiring how I saw Larry from a whole other preservative, a perspective I could only see from my Higher Self. So I knew where I was, and I was blown away that I was allowed to be there! I knew I was on the Other Side, a part of it anyway. I didn’t see Larry as the child molesting, child beating, child emotional abuser that he had been here. I saw him as this soul who needed MY help and dare I say it…OMG!… I needed his? WOW! WHAT?! Did not see that one coming as I wrote this. I need his help? Are you kidding me with this? Well, I guess I do need him to finally step up and help me clean up the “mess,” so to speak, that he left behind, and help me step it up in the, “spiritual gifts department.”

There have been times when I would ponder how far I might be by now if I hadn’t had to spend so much time healing my childhood, but instead had, had the time to work on my spiritual gifts, and re-remembering who I really am. That’s why we come here, to forget who we are, and then go on this journey to remember ourselves again and who we really are on our journey back Home. So, this truly is the game called life. Welcome to Earth!

This abuse I had apparently not signed up for according to my counsel when they came through years ago through Martin, while we were at Long Horns mind you. They pick the oddest times to come through, don’t they? That is a whole other story in itself, that people will kill me if I do try to tell it now and not finish this story first! LOL

So I am lying there and Larry is saying he will work through me if I will allow him. I realized that meant he would actually be a Guide for me, if I was willing to work with him! Again, WHAT? REALLY? Allow my abusive step father to be my Guide now? Well that just sounds like craziness on a human level! That is what my human side was saying, the few milliseconds it had to weigh in. Then my Higher Self would take over anytime my human side wanted to chime in and thank goodness it did take over! Because that human side can be a real bitch sometimes!

When this scenario was presented to me, I saw it as an incredible opportunity to make so many things right. Not only for Larry, but for me too. Seeing it from my Higher Self’s perspective, it just made perfect sense! All I saw from my Higher Self’s perspective was love. A love that goes beyond comprehension here on Earth. I saw Larry as his pure Higher Self, a loving energy that wanted to evolve and make things right. Words can’t even begin to explain how I could see this child abuser as a loving, benevolent  energy. I could see it from the perspective that there was no right or wrong, just loving energies working together, doing what ever it took to make things right for all involved. It was such an incredible place to be and witness. The tears ran down my cheeks as I was surrounded by all this love, just pure love. No conditions, no judgement, just pure love for all involved!

For a split second the human side chimed in again that the only Guide I wanted was PureHeart, my son. Then, in that instant, I felt PureHeart’s energy right by my side and he let me know that he was indeed all apart of this healing process for Larry, and for me. It came into my awareness that it would be the three of us working and loving together to get this job done. It was so incredible to be in the energy of no judgement and pure love, it kept the tears flowing. All that mattered was that we all were going to do our part so we could all benefit and evolve. Well, Andrew aka PureHeart didn’t need to evolve, but he would be the one holding the space for Larry and I to do our work together.

Without a doubt in my mind and in my heart, I got to experience a peace of Heaven on Saturday while waiting for the internet to come back up! And let me tell you, it is an amazing place! I could feel my heart chakra, that has had a wall built around it for protection, opening up and allowing love to flow in. How do I know? Because I was actually feeling love for Larry. Before I felt nothing, I was neutral about him, no anger, no bitterness, just neutral. That has now shifted to love. What a gift! I truly feel like I have a partner in my goals that can actually help. Someone who has a vested interested in my success, my gifts. My success IS his success on so many levels. Who knew that my abuser on the Other Side could turn into my helper, and quite possibly even be a key person in my success. It’s amazing what can happen when we are able to not only heal, but can actually let go of past pain and past worn out patterns that have still been present, because that my friends, is when we can truly find peace in our Soul.


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