Blame It On The Boogie!

I haven’t been on here in months due to a number of reasons. One, our 3 week UK tour has now turned into an unintended, extended stay in Belfast, N Ireland. We have been here for 4 months and counting. Martin took quite ill while we were on our tour, to where we had to cancel our Dublin mediumship event. Martin ended up in hospital for 3 weeks and had major surgery. He had a bowel resection and now has to wait for the 2nd surgery, the bowel reconnection. During that time, the site became an attack site. Dunno how or what that even means, so that is reason number 2 why I haven’t been blogging. There was no point in blogging if people were afraid to go to it. We are once again trying to pick ourselves back up from yet another major tragedy, which is reason number 3 for no blog posts since October.

BUT I am baaaaack! Martin has worked very hard on transferring my extensive blog safely. As hard as it is for me to let go of, because I feel like I’m losing another part of Andrew, I know I must. It makes more sense to streamline everything now. So for my maiden post on the new site, I have a funny story about Andrew.

Martin is standing outside at our Aunt’s house where we are staying in Belfast, staring at the star lit sky, which is not the norm in N Ireland, so you take it in when you can. Martin was contemplating the Universe and it’s workings, wondering why this planet is so violent when Andrew pops in, like he does. Martin asks him, the great Avatar son, “who do we blame all this violence on?” Andrew asked, “blame Daddy?” Like why does there need to be blame. Martin says, “yes, blame, who’s fault is it?” I was expecting some really deep, profound, philosophical answer from this Avatar, bringer of Light, Master Teacher son of mine. Like a real kind of Buddha or Jesus like answer. Andrew is looking all pensive & serious like, when he pensively says, while stroking his chin, “boogie.” Martin questions,”Blame it on the boogie?” Then Andrew breaks out into his hamster dance & starts singing, “blame it on the boogie” So there is your answer as to why there is all this violence on planet Earth. It’s the boogie! Damn those 1970’s for giving the boogie and apparently evil! Now Martin hasn’t been able to get that song outta his head, and he was sitting here humming it all night long! That’s my evolved, Avatar son for ya! LOL



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