Not me! Not sure what all the signs pointing towards a grandson were about, Andrew will have to explain himself about that one! BUT we have a granddaughter coming in! It was so exciting going for the sonogram on Tuesday, Sept 28th. Me, Martin, Elatia, J.R. and his mom Sherri were there.

It was so exciting! We go into the room and there is a HUGE screen on the wall so we can see better. The tech starts and we couldn’t believe how big the baby is compared to the last time Elatia had a scan. I mean, this looked like a real baby, not a lima bean. I taped it and it was the best movie I’ve ever seen! The tech couldn’t tell at first if it was a girl or boy because the baby was in lotus position. Awww the baby is meditating already! That’s my grandbaby! Finally the tech gets a gander at the genitals and says it’s a girl! We were all so shocked and stunned! We just couldn’t believe it. It was so exciting to be surprised like that. Here it is Sunday and I’m still in shock! Not just because she is a girl, but because we got to really see her and watch her move around. She became very real to all of us that day. OMG I’m really gonna be a grandmother! My baby is a mother! We all have a new title in life now. It’s very surreal. We all had tears.

As we left the prenatal spa to go to Starbucks so we could assimilate the fantastic news and while Elatia got her massage, we were all texting like mad the news to everyone we knew. It was so funny, all of us with our head down, walking to our car & texting away the exciting news. It was just such an amazing day, an amazing feeling, a feeling I thought I would never feel again. After 3 years of trauma and grief you think that that’s all there is in life anymore. You being to think nothing good can happen again.

We are so looking forward to being grandparents. A HUGE part of our family left when Andrew did, and I didn’t know for sure if we’d ever get the chance to grow our family again, but gladly I was wrong. This granddaughter can’t replace Andrew but she certainly has helped fill part of that void left behind by him. I know my heart will heal a bit more with her coming here. And knowing she will know her Uncle Andrew is a great comfort to me as well. Who knows, maybe this is what all this 2012 stuff is about, bridging the gap between this dimension and the other just by raising our vibration. And if we can be a part of that by sharing our continued relationship with Andrew, then so be it! We are up for the task! Like I’ve always said, my son did NOT come here to fade away, he has a much bigger purpose than that and we will do whatever have to make sure it gets done, because that’s just how we roll!


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4 Responses to WOW! WHO KNEW?

  1. kerri thompson says:

    hmn. interesting. now that i hear more of the story i am torn. the thing is that techs aren’t always right. also, doesnt mean she is not going to have a boy, at least maybe not this time. maybe declan is still comming but later. could this be one of those times where life likes to teach us that we dont really know anything? we are sure of one thing, then it turns out another. we are sure, someone says we are wrong and in the end we were right. so many things can be. i am gonna wait on the edge of my seat and see what comes next, cos sometimes no one really knows until its there infront of them. there have been boys that appeared as girls on ultrasound before. vice versa too. of course now with the 3d they can maybe see shapes better. i am excited and cant wait to hear more as this story goes on!!! i am keeping my thoughts open for now and just concentrating on healthy baby! beautiful baby! strong baby! woohoo!!! congrats grammy c!!! (hope i spelled that right?)

  2. admin says:

    You did spell it right. ;-) Oh she definitely has a boy coming in, I felt the girl as well, but the boy felt stronger. Martin sees Andrew with a boy and a girl. We had lunch today before the quickie foto shoot and Elatia said she was feeling a boy really strongly too. It was a nice surprise to be so shocked. Elatia was hoping for a girl, she has always said she wanted a daughter. J.R. was wanting a son because having a daughter scares the crap outta him! Well, looks like he has to face his fears now! LOL

  3. Karen T says:

    Just got a silly pic of J.R. in my mind as he stared at the screen in disbelief, and scared out of his mind..LOL

    So happy for you all Connie!

  4. admin says:

    I shoulda got that on tape but I was in shock too! Not sure if his tears were that of joy or shear terror! LOL LOL

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