“A Journey Through Life, Love, and Beyond” that is the working title of the book now. “No Regrets” is the title and the rest is the subtitle. The book is with the editor now, it will be another few weeks then I get back the entire book for rewrites. I thought I was going to get it in bits and pieces, but nope, I get it back all at once. Oh yea, that should be fun. I’m guessing I will be doing the rewrites through my tears.

We were going to try for a Christmas time launch, but decided to push it back further. Once I mentioned to my publisher about all the 2’s Andrew was sending us, like he was really yelling at me, it made sense to push back the launch date to what? To either 2/02/2011 or 2/22/2011. Then another friend pointed out that February is the heart month and what is Andrew’s name now? Umm PureHeart? DUH! Then I realized that 2:02 is Andrew’s time of birth and Martin pointed that 2011 is 202 as well. So the launch date will be 2/02/202(11) Cool huh? I am really excited about all this book! We already have a speaking gig promoting our book in April in Tempe Az at the Conscious Children Network Conference. With any luck this will be the beginning of our book tour!

What a great week this has been! We found out we have a granddaughter coming in, Martin’s 50th b-day party, booked the Az gig, and went to lunch and shopping for the granddaughter with Sherri, the other grandmother. I am really enjoying having this much excitement going on. The trauma stuff was just so freakin old! I have been so ready for some fun, exciting stuff to come in and it has been starting with the trip to Europe, and the L.A. trip and now all this week. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it feels so good! Long may it reign!


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2 Responses to “NO REGRETS…”

  1. Karen T says:

    I decided it was time to come visit the blog and stop relying on Facebook. The real stuff is here.

    Yay! It is so good from the outside looking in to see all this exciting stuff happening for you. Go Grammy C, go! It’s about time, huh.

  2. admin says:

    Oh yes, the real stuff is definitely here. This is where you’ll find the meat and potatoes! ;-)

    As exciting as all this is for me, I know that those that have reading this from the beginning are excited as well. This has been one hard ass journey to be on, not only for me, but I know it hasn’t always been easy to come here and read what was going on. I appreciate those that could stick it out. Once Andrew was gone, many were just not that interested anymore. SO thank you to all that have stuck it out!

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