Ok, now brace yourselves. This is pretty big news, only because we’re finally hearing it in the 3rd dimension now. We’ve ALWAYS known this but was waiting for this dimension to catch up to the truth! ;) His NP Trish was in and said, “How great that he is in remission!” Martin and Andrew’s response: “What????” :eek Trish: “yea, didn’t you know? That’s why they are moving ahead w/the transplant! He has to be in remission for that to happen” So that’s the word on the street! ANDREW IS IN REMISSION!! :dog :dog :CAT :CAT

Now you know we gots to wave our hands in the air!! And shake our money makers!:belly :belly  HAAAAAAAYYYYY OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!

We’ve been making plans since we have more of an idea of what will be happening now. We actually may get to go home for 2 weeks :eek not sure yet but it should be at least 10 days. So it looks like Halloween is a go! :hula ANNNNND we are going to do Thanksgiving dinner before we have to come back! ANdrew soooooo wants a Thanksgiving meal so we’ll do it while on parole. ;) Andrew always puts up the tree the eve of Thanksgiving & he didn’t want to miss that. This way when he gets final parole, probably in Dec., our home will be all set up for the holidays. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

He was a bit more nauseus today. He got sick. :( But it didn’t get him down in the least. Infact he said “Yea, that was good!” He felt better after so that’s what’s important. He only had 4 waffles today and mozzerella sticks tonight which he threw those up. :( Yet his weight was still good 53.4 He had the nausea drug w/the steroid in it so we’ll see what that does to his numbers. Today his ANC was 3600 so it’s starting to come down. His platelets were 115,000 and hemoglobin was 97,000. SO they are holding their own which is awesome! :dog

We are soooooo psyched about isolation!! :lol We have a nice big room w/2 tv’s!!! :dog :dog :hula :hula and NO ROOMATES!!!!! Yea baby!! That’s what I’m talking about!!! We can decorate the room anyway we want. Wooo Hoooo! AND a Woot Woot!! Tell me how incredibly charged this room is gonna be with healing energy??? :D We already have our room now smelling almost like a new age store as it is! I have patchouli, tea tree, lavendar and Martin’s specially designed for him WIzard oil. Note to self: get Janice’s ANgel spray next time I’m home!

Andrew told the transplant cooridinator that he’s looking forward to isolation. SHe said “Don’t say that too loud!” I guess the social worker may try to read more into it than there is. They try to get the kids to socialize here. There is no one Andrew needs to be socializing with. Marcus is gone and they can communicate on myspace and texting. None of the kids or families would be able to talk to Andrew on the healing level he is on. I’m sure if we mentioned the Abraham teachings they’d be thinking Lincoln!!! :lol :lol We’re not Nascar fans & we are very happy! If ANdrew were to say that thru all this he has been very happy, the kids would look at him like he has 2 heads! He had enough of that in school! I mean, when a nurse tells me that we are the most unorthodox family they’ve ever seen??? :eek :lol Oh yea, WE ARE PSYCHED ABOUT ISOLATION!! Don’t need anyone interfereing with our sacred healing space!! If people were open to it, it would be one thing but they are not. SO no socializing for Andrew!

What a great way to end the week!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! BIG ((((((HUGS))))) to everyone!!!


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