I’m reading The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Ester & Jerry Hicks, The Abraham teachings. Reading it slow mind you but reading non the less. They talk about being in the down stream of life, going w/ the flow. They talk about it w/healing. There are down & up stream thoughts. Up stream is when you are fighting the flow of life. So I am working on getting this down so I am POSITIVE ALL of the time! I will share I as go along!

We had another great day today! I can’t get enough of those that’s fo sho! Just loving them! His ANC #’s were 4600 :eek (1500-1800 is normal) BUT not to worry. The Dr. said it was because of the one nausea drug has a steroid in it and that’s what it does, spikes the ANC #. ANd with how thorough (I can never sp. that word right) they are, I felt relaxed about the number. His platelets are 147,000 and hemoglobin at 99,000 :dog SO that is good. Andrew has had no side effects that they list from the leg shot chemo. The nurse made the mistake of giving the list to ANdrew! Martin promptly took it away from him. :-) He’s handling this round really well too! :hula He gets his last 2 day dose of chermo, b 4 transplant, on Monday. Chemo is on Monday not the transplant. Want to clarify that. He’ll be left alone for a few weeks!! No chemo, shouldn’t be any other major testing! See? Even the Angels are excited and dancing!! :dance

The doc did put him back on the lovenox again, a shot in a sm port in the belly. It’s a blood thinner they used for the clot he had in his arm. He said it was a preventative, doesn’t see anything wrong. But as a preventative for a stroke!!! :eek :eek Now that I’ve typed this I think I have some questions or Martin. Andrew said it was to protect ALL the wisdom he has in that noggin of his. :lol  I know the docs are very precautious and don’t leave any stone unturned.

He was up and about today walking the halls with Adele, his HT therpaist. Got his much loved massage today by Betsy. We are finding out a bit more about our Betsy! We are meeting her students all over the place. SHe is one of us!! :D She teaches all the “woo woo” healing energy stuff we teach and more!! *claps hands in excitement* She is soooo under cover, she doesn’t give herself away in the least! So glad to have someone like her in the “hotel” and on our side! :D :D :D  So ANdrew gets super duper massages!

He chatted w/his body again during his massage and it said it wasn’t responsible for the ANC spike. Andrew reassured them that it wasn’t their doing. :D They are a tight team Andrew and his body!

He ate well today. I tell ya he’s like a pregnant woman! :lol He has cravings for certian foods (& not the most nutricious either!) and nothing else will do! So I asked around and found a Quiznos sub place for him & got him the largest sandwich they had. He ate it all as well as 2 blue berry Eggos and a snickers bar b 4 hand! I’m just glad he’s eating! So his weight was 53.8 which I was shocked at! :eek I thought it would’ve been in the 40 somethings.

Foot doc was in again during the massage. It really is like a hotel here! He has 2 women working on him at one time! Hmmm wondering just what kind of hotel it is now! :lol She is so pleased with his foot. There’s new skin growing and the wound itself is so small now! :dog :hula It should be healed by the time we go in for transplant!

Speaking of transplant. I am getting really good at these segways! :D They are looking tentatively at Nov. 5. The donor has to agree. Praying the donor happily agrees & is excited about helping to save an incredible young man’s life!

I told Andrew tonight that he is like a super hero to a lot of people. I know he is to me! He asked why. I said because people really feel that there’s nothing you can’t do. His reply?? “There isn’t!” I said “hence the super hero status! duh!” Hmmmm thinkin we should add a cape to his contume! Ahhhh he’ll never go for it. dammit!

Thank you for all that you do for us of holding the place of health and well being. Helping me to stay in the downstream of life! An Abraham reference for those of you who may not know. :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE


Magickal Blessings!

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