I just remembered this and thought it was worth sharing.

We told Andrew that someone from transplant would be in to talk to him soon to explain what will happen and such. He told us “They can tell me what ever they like. If they say things I don’t like I will reject their reality and replace it with my own!” He is ALL about creating his own reality and not buying into anyone elses! Words to live by!

So glad to see that it wasn’t a waste of time, the time we spent watching Oprah and Dr. Phil!! :lol :lol :lol He loves Dr. Phil. We would watch him when he was on Oprah. When Andrew was 9 and spending time w/a friend and her nephew they were out to dinner. ANdrew and the nephew were talking Poke Mon and other 9 yr. old stuff. Outta the blue Andrew sez “Did you catch Dr. Phil on Oprah today?? Dr. Phil sez you treat your women right. You don’t beat them and you put the toilet paper on the right way!” :lol :rollin :rollin :rollin

Well my friend just lost it! I mean really lost it laughing so hard that the WHOLE restaurant stopped to look! :eek SHe could hardly breathe! SHe said it just came from no where, Poke Mon to Dr. Phil!! She sez to me “You’d know he was your kid!” :lol Andrew went on to enlighten them on a few more truths when my friend’s nephew sez “Is he speakin German??” :lol :lol Soooo really?? Andrew socializing in the hospital??? That was him at 9!! What do you think he has to say at 16??!! I don’t think so!! :lol Isolation baby!!Magickal Blessings!


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