What we need….

Is A miracle!! That is what we need!! Andrew was doing pretty well on the respirator, hitting the mid to high 90’s but they had to up his oxygen because it wasn’t going above 90 this a.m. We need his lungs to respond and heal!! We need his counts to come up so the body can do what it needs to heal!
The medicine they tried to give him to boost his immune system  gave him the side effects instead, heart rate of just over 200 and high fever. He still had been bringing up blood but not as often. Only once really last night.
Things are serious now. We need a miracle! He was doing so well!  He was feeling fab b 4 this! He was happy and enjoying himself and excited about his computer.

I left b 4 the docs came in. I’m going to bed now. I literally sat on the edge of my seat last night so I could help Andrew with his mask and other needs. Oh yea, lost my big girl panties again!

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  1. Swati says:

    Sending you hugs dearest Connie & Martin & Elatia. Sending you so much love…

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