I dug down deep and found some more big girl panties to put on tonight. Martin had to go and get some sleep. I called him down when Andrew was struggling and I went up to our room on the 2nd floor for an hour or so. But now I’m back.
I decided to have a chat with his body. Even with the oxygen mask his numbers weren’t as high as needed. SO I asked his lungs to take in the oxygen that Andrew was so eloquently providing and help him out by taking it all in and keep his numbers up. I would rub his back and thank them for all that they do and the strength that they have shown thru all this. The number would continue to climb and then hold steady even with Andrew on his side resting. I continued to compliment and encourage his lungs and tell Andrew what an amazing job he and his lungs were doing.

Then I moved on to the other organs and thank them for their strength and support they have given Andrew thru all this. I felt the love leave me and go to them. I realized then that a mother’s love is the most powerful medicine and I claimed that power! I felt that power! I KNOW that power! No dis-ease or drug is stronger than a Mother’s Love! I then asked the Motherly Beings to join me, Quan Yin and Mother Mary along with AA Raphael around Andrew to create an powerful circle of Mother’s Healing Love Power! A Mother’s Love Heals! SO it is! Of course I know so many more are here supporting us! I saw the Golden Light of Christ energy. When I’d hear a buzzer going off, I’d ask AA Raphael to take care of it and he does!

I took the smoky quartz sphere in my hand and continued to rub his back while thanking his lungs. I got teary eyed just thanking his kidneys. They have worked so incredible hard for Andrew! They have had such a tremendous job to do with eliminating the chemo and other drugs from Andrew’s system. They have done a brilliant job! His heart? Well what can I say about that, I have so much love for that heart of his! I went to his stomach, bladder, lungs, spleen, intestines, they have ALL risen to this challenge with such courage! The more I thank the more they respond. I just keep talking, thanking and caressing my son.

I have a dry wash cloth with tea tree oil on it by his face. It is permeating the room! 

Before this incident happened and Andrew was in a good mood, he was so funny. You know we have our fuzzy goodness which is kissing his fuzzy wee head.  Well now with delodid, that he calls his buzzy goodness. And he ain’t sharing! He’s a clown thru and thru! Wonder where on Earth he gets it! The world may never know! Yea right, I hear you say?

Let’s pray we get to go back to our room sometime today! Then we can get back into the flow of things again. I’m tired of having to make new flows! I’m a creature of habit! I like the flow we had going!


:LOVE :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE Magickal Blessings!

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3 Responses to DIGGIN DEEP

  1. Nana and Poppy says:

    Now you know the POWER of a Mother’s Love…. It sure does do wonderous things when it is done in Faith.. Connie, you are stronger than you think and make the bumps in your journey with Andrew as side trips, make it the scenic route. The love and the Prayers in Faith that the Lord is hearing will embrace the three of you. Prayers ARE ALWAYS answered, maybe not the way we want them to be answered BUT they are answered. You family is ALWAYS with you, Martin and Andrew in Prayer, Love, Thoughts and in Empowerment….. Please know this. We all know that Andrew WILL HEAL and he will show how the Lord makes miracles….. Our love is embracing you…. Mom :)

  2. I’m very proud of you Connie, you tapped in to exactly what I was working while I was there yesterday. I saw the Christ energy all around Andrew and so I envisioned and enlivened it while I was there calling the Big Boy Celestials again and focusing on his body more than the room.

    Im glad you saw exactly the same energy and worked with it and strengthened it. Its time for your boy to be resurrected and return to full life.

    And yes doing exactly what you did with YOUR Mothers Love was exactly the right thing to do. It is exactly what you can do. You are nearing the home stretch here no time to give up now.

    Amon RA So Mote it Be.

  3. admin says:

    Glad to know I’m doing something right! Score a point for me!! YAY I was hoping I was tapping into things already set up. Of course I was shaken to my core when the pulmonary doc mentioned possible intubation! Like what I had done made no difference. He’s still healing wounds from the intubation in July!! This is why dr’s shouldn’t talk to me dammit!

    I may never take a scenic root again!! They hurt too much!

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