It is beyond time for adults and society to WAKE UP and be there for our children! If the latest school shooting in Ohio isn’t a sign, I don’t know what the hell is! What is it going to take?! How many more kids have to open fire in school for the adults in control to WAKE UP to the fact that things NEED to change! The status quo is no longer acceptable and these kids know it!

These kids are angry! And honestly why shouldn’t they be? They are in a school system that is broken. It squashes who they are with the all too important FCAT testing, medicating them so they fit in the small box the schools put them in, labeling them learning disabled when they are so bored out their minds with the subject matter in school. The public school system hasn’t changed since the 1950’s when it was geared towards the industrial revolution. Guess what people? IT’S OVER! The school system needs to catch up to the CURRENT times! These kids need to be stimulated in other ways than just sitting there learning things they are never going to use. They are not learning disabled, the public school system is TEACHING DISABLED!

How do I know this? Because I went through all this nonsense with my son when the public school system tried labeling him, A.D.D, A.D.H.D, ESE, learning disabled, & wanted to medicate him. Instead of buckling under the pressure of the status quo, and the public school system that likes creating zombies instead of free thinkers, we fought for our son! When a 6yo sits through a 90 minute lecture on quantum physics and laser technology and UNDERSTANDS it, he is not the learning disabled one! It is the school system that is TEACHING DISABLED! When a 7yo sits for an hour in a Reiki circle he is not the one with the school’s definition of A.D.H.D! What he really is, is Already Dialed Into a Higher Dimension!

As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, adults in general, we need to step up our game! These kids coming in are on the ball and AWAKE to who they are! And the more we stay asleep or in this zombie like state of status quo, there will be more angry kids opening fire in schools to get people to WAKE UP! When I think about it, we are already in the zombie apocalypse that Andrew was always talking about! So many people are “The Walking Dead” going through life mindlessly settling for the status quo and not following their passion, their heart, their soul’s purpose. Just going along with what religion or society tells them. Being unaware of that part of you, is being a zombie. These kids are the antithesis of this! They are awake and all they see around them is zombies! How would you feel seeing that?

It’s time for parents to start having their kid’s backs and going to bat for them in school! Yes, there has to be a balance, kids need structure and boundaries, but not in the way the current system is doing it. Obviously it isn’t working! We need to listen to our kids, listen to what their needs are, not medicate them so they are “easier” to deal with! Parents need to be parents. They need to be there with their kids, and for their kids!

We ended up having to home school Andrew because the school system is just plain broken and our son deserved better than that. We found a home school tutor and she made Andrew accountable for his school work. He was a part of choosing his curriculum, keeping it organized, and doing it. His self esteem came back, he enjoyed learning, and he had more time to do the things he loved doing, like wand making, meditating, energy weaving, reading about magickal herbs and crystals, and Dr Emoto’s work. Things he knew that would make a difference in his life and the world! You know, REAL information!

I am appalled at the home work that is given to these kids. The school has them 7-8 hrs a day AND they give them homework on top of it?! Are you kidding me with this?! AND schools are wondering why parents aren’t spending quality time with their kids? I’ll tell you why! Because they are fighting with their kids to get their damn home work done then it’s time for bed. I know that’s what happened with us. When are these kids suppose to have down time to decompress? Yeah, it’s a big mystery why these kids are so damn angry!

Parents need to stand up for their kids and demand that the school system step up their game in how they teach, and quit trying to create zombies! It starts with the parents demanding a better way of teaching! Teacher’s are helpless without the parents’ support. There are teachers out there that ‘get’ who these kids are, but without the parents’ help, they are helpless in getting the school system to WAKE UP! It DOES take a village to raise a child. It’s ALL our responsibility to support these kids. I know that’s part of our mission with Andrew is to WAKE UP adults with some of the events that we do by informing the audience who these kids are.

We really need to step up our game and WAKE UP people! Or we will keep hearing about kids shooting kids! It’s our job as adults to give our kids the safe environment to be who they came here to be. Don’t let religious dogma or society’s stigmas guilt you into turning your back on YOUR child. There is NO excuse for that! NONE! If you allow that to happen, you really need to be ashamed of yourself and WAKE UP! Because if you don’t, it could be YOUR kid opening fire on a school or public place. Is that really what it has to take for you to get the message to WAKE UP!?

These kids are here to teach us! Long gone are the days of “children should be seen and not heard.” That is NOT acceptable anymore. It should have NEVER been acceptable actually! These kids are our teachers, and it’s our job to help navigate them in a safe, nurturing environment so they can be who they came here to be, NOT who we think they should be!

So what is the cure for the current zombie infestation that we are currently in? You guessed it! Or at least you should have by now!

The cure is to WAKE UP!


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  1. Lee Silidker says:

    Wow! Incredible introduction…. I applaud you Connie… you are so right…. sorry you had to see it first handed…. Great Introduction to your blog… Let’s Make A Change!!!! I agree…
    Lovely seeing you and Martin last week at Crystal Vision in Hollywood…
    Will stay tuned and Good Luck with the new radio show… I will tune in tomorrow…..
    Love and many blessings,

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lee!! Great seeing you again! Thx for stopping by here to read and post! Call in to the show if you like tomorrow!

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