Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay…

“Watching the tide roll away, I’m just sitting on the dock of the bay.”

Well, that’s what my day was like today.(Feb 18th) Not only was I sitting on the dock of the bay, well a river called “Peace” really, watching the current more than the tide, but I was spending time with my son as he took me to school, and on a journey back to my childhood. It was an amazing, insightful, powerful, peaceful day today. I am still taking it in, and it will probably take me a few days to write about it, so bear with me. But of course as you are reading this, no time has passed. ;-) Funny how that “there really is no time” thing becomes more apparent as more time passes. Ok, that is even messing with my mind now too!

Well, here it is actually a few weeks later and yet no time has passed for you as you read this. Cool how that works huh? Anyway, enough of that stuff. Onto my afternoon with Andrew.

Martin and I were in Punta Gorda at an amazing 8,000 sq ft empty house for a mediumship event, then readings the next day. It belongs to one of Martin’s clients Darlene. Because Martin has helped Darlene’s family so much, she wanted to do something for us. She wanted to introduce us to her sphere of influence in Punta Gorda. She did that with a mediumship event at her empty house. To say this house and property were stunning just doesn’t do it justice. This house also sits right on the Peace River, which is a great name for that river, because it was very peaceful. The house is on the market if anyone is interested. Just so you know, the chandeliers do NOT come with the house, and Darlene ain’t budging on that one!

Even how Martin met Darlene is very bazaar!. She was praying to find someone to help her with her family. Then one day Martin’s name and number popped up on her computer out of no where. She can’t explain it. She called Martin and her life began to change. Darlene has five great children, the youngest one Reece is an incredibly psychic three year old. Yes, you read that right! She’s only three. She is so psychic, she makes Martin look remedial! My last post was inspired by Reece as well. These are the kind of kids we are dealing with now, so we definitely have to step up our game! I’ll probably have a blog post just on her soon.

We had a great mediumship event there. Only a few people came back the following day for readings. During the last reading, I went to sit in the hammock on the dock to take in the amazing scenery and serenity of the Peace River with my son.

As I was enjoying the gentle cool breeze, the sound of the birds, the fish jumping, and the water gently caressing the dock, my mind begins to wander. I wondered how anyone who lived on a river like this could get caught up in drugs. I mean, you are missing so much beauty going on right around you that feeds your soul. Drugs don’t do that. In Punta Gorda there is a serious drug issue and I just couldn’t understand it. With all this natural beauty, why would you want to numb yourself from it? I was drinking it all in and felt so soothed by the magnificent beauty surrounding me.

Then Andrew took me back to my childhood to when I would sit in the back of our mobile home and take in the big, white fluffy clouds and how the full moon would danced upon them as the stars twinkled in the midnight blue sky. It looked so magickal to me. I would imagine myself dancing on the clouds drinking in the moon light. I remembered the scent of the orange blossoms from the orange groves across the street from us. Or I would take in the beautiful sunsets and how amazing the clouds would look with the magnificent pinks, purples, reds and orange colors of the sky from the setting sun. As I took all of this beauty in, I remembered how I wondered how anyone could be bad. I thought, “If people just took the time to take in the beauty around them, they wouldn’t want to hurt others.” I did this to escape the stress of a dysfunctional, abusive household. That was my escape, not drugs.

Andrew brings my thoughts back to the beauty of the dock again. I was thinking about how courageous he was and how he always focused on joy, and that is when he said to me, “Mommy! Where do you think I got it from? Look how strong YOU were! When everyone around you was doing drugs, or when dealing with the stress of your home life, you chose to focus on the beauty around you! You chose to feed your soul! PrettyMama I got my strength from YOU! I want you to know that about yourself! If it wasn’t for YOUR strength I wouldn’t be who I was here! So, I… thank… YOU!” His loving energy surrounded me in a big energetic hug.

All of this came in a split second. The tears ran down my face as I felt every single word he was telling me on a cellular level. I could feel his love for me and him honoring my strength. To feel that kind of love and honoring in that magnificent setting, well, it was about as close to heaven as you can get here on Earth! What a gift! He is a good son!

So the next time you feel stressed, take the time to take in the REAL, simple, natural beauty around you. Because if you do, you will find that…


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