*in my best Artie Johnson voice from Laugh In* WOW! Did I just date myself! :-D

I found out something very interesting recently, hence the title. Martin and I have been talking a lot about astral traveling since I am obsessed with doing it. Martin is the master at leaving his body at any given moment, which is why we don’t let him drive that often.

He can even talk while he is having an OBE! Cool huh? So the other night before we go to sleep, we are lying bed talking about astral traveling. Next thing he says is “I’m out of body now. I’m standing outside a chain link fence, standing in water up to my knees. I see black smoke and there is a horrible stench in the air.” I ask where he is and replies, “I don’t know.” Without thinking, I say “it sounds like you are in Haiti.” He said, “You are right! That’s where I am!” I asked, like it was normal for him to be standing knee deep in water in Haiti at bedtime, “why are you there?” He said, “to help with healing energy and to help children that have crossed to find their way.” How wild is that??!! A. VERY!

But that’s not even the interesting part! Well not to me anyway. What I found interesting is, is that Martin is working on the same goal as I am! With all the OBE’s, astral traveling, and seeing Andrew that Martin has done, he has yet to hug him! I KNOW! Wild huh? I couldn’t believe it! How is that even possible?! How can he leave his body so easily and freely, see Andrew as solid as when he was here, and Martin not hug him???? Boggles my freakin mind!

It makes me a little nervous because if “Psychic Boy, Super Natural Hero” hasn’t been able to hug and spend time with Andrew etherically physical, (I keep making up words and terms) meaning, it feeling like it did when Andrew was on this dimension, what are my odds then? I know it can be done, I’m just stunned that Martin hasn’t done it yet.

Martin spends so much time in the ethers, I think it just doesn’t matter to him how he connects to Andrew, just as long as he has a connection with him. He did say he is wanting to hug Muck and have that physical contact, but I guess with everything he has going on, and being a Libra, he figures it will happen when it’s suppose to. Me being a Leo, I want it NOW!

I know it will happen all in good time and the 3 of us will be together like old times in the new way.


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  1. Karen T says:

    I’d just like the ability to stay on the task of trying to have OBEs and other things like that. I find that I just take the time…laziness?
    Very cool to read this here..Martin speaking of traveling to Haiti and what he was doing there is way amazing!!

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