Martin was on a reading with a woman that had a recent spiritual awakening. She goes to a DNA spa to heal past issues. She is seeing the changes in her relationship happening because of it. Her spouse is responding to her new energy in a wonderful way that is surprising her. People don’t realize just how sensitive we are to other peoples’ energy. So it’s really true, if you want things to change, YOU have to change first.

As Martin is doing the reading, he and Andrew/PureHeart do what they always do, energy work on the caller. This caller could feel it. She was feeling the tingling of the energy. Then the fun insued.

Martin tunes into PureHeart/Andrew and sees him doing what they use to do, and maybe still do at the Angel Therapy Practitioner  ATP(r) classes we use to staff, pull lower vibrational energy out of people. For instance, supposedly one particular time it was a black dragon that was being pulled out. Personally, I found it to be a little on the dramatic side, but whatever.

As Andrew/PureHeart, because it’s definitely both doing this, are pulling the energy out, Martin sees this white shield of Light around this person. Then he sees PH pull out a black, smiling dragon with tiny wings! PH is hanging onto the tail as the dragon is flying all about as PH is trying to hang onto it! LMAO! PH sez, “Shoulda grabbed him by his wings Daddy!” LOL Then PH looks at Martin and sez “Remember this Daddy?” Meaning the whole dramatic pulling energy out thing they did at ATP(r)

PureHeart goes in again and this time pulls out a very rusty pipe and looks at it like “Well this is weird!” LOL and tosses it over his shoudler. PureHeart was doing the amazing energy work while Andrew was having fun about the few times we did the dramatic energy pulling work at ATP(r) Andrew was reminding Martin of it because he knew Martin would find it funny.

As Martin was telling me this story, he was acting it out to give me the visual of what Andrew was doing. I was LMAO! I could just see Andrew doing all this. Martin was out of his body during this because he was right there with Andrew.

As the call is winding down, she thanks Martin. He asked for what because he wasn’t even aware of what he had said because he was so focused on Andrew. She said for the energy work, she could really feel it.

When Martin does readings he tends to leave his body to get info anyway. One client that came here for a reading one time saw Martin physically fading in and out as he went and got information. So even if he doesn’t remember what he said, his Higher Self has it under control apparently. Even Andrew saw Martin disappear when teaching a mediumship class during a meditation. Andrew said he could hear Martin but he wasn’t there.

When the call was over Andrew told Martin “Go tell Pretty Mama. She’s looking for something to write about.” So here I am. :-D


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  1. Karen T says:

    Wow! It’s all I have. I request some energy work too. Just the staying on spiritual tasks thing and letting go. Maybe?

  2. admin says:

    I’ll see what I can do for you! ;-)

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