NEWBIES! *sigh*

When Martin does commercial readings, he’s bound to get a newbie at some point that wants to read him. When people start getting into their intuitive gifts, they tend to be like a kid in a candy store. They want to read everyone they see, whether the person wants it or not, whether they are any good or not.

Martin has had professional psychics call him and knock his socks off and they weren’t trying to read him. For instance, one psychic called him because she wanted to see if he was good as she was hearing he was…AND he was! One of the first things she says was “Two peas in a pod, does that mean anything to you? I was told to say it to you.” That was Andrew and Martin’s saying to each other. nshe went on to describe Andrew. That’s cool when that happens.

But tonight this is not what happened. This girl was a HUGE newbie who decided she wanted to read Martin which is one of his pet peeves. He hates when people offer unsolicited readings. We’ve had people try and do that at our shows, and not only have they been way off base, but they were out of line as well. Martin went with it anyway since he works for a company that runs a tight ship & didn’t want to offend her. Plus Andrew appeared that he was going to have fun with it, and make sure Martin did too. And that he did!

First, this client went on about us needing new cutlery. Huh? Really Cutlery? I have no problem with my cutlery and I certainly wouldn’t pay her a dime for info like that on a reading! Then it was about needing to re-do my kitchen counter tops. Ok, seriously, least of my concerns! A little Comet on them does the trick. She then said she saw a father figure around Martin, that is when the fun began. Andrew started blowing a horn and marching, banging big cymbals, using one of them swirly noise maker things they use at Irish football matches to get her attention. Like,”Helllloooooo! Son here! You don’t see me??!!!” But no matter what Andrew did, she never once mentioned him! He’s a pretty powerful Spirit! If you can’t pick up on him, you can’t be that good! You definitely shouldn’t be doing readings for people!

Next she went on to tell Martin how he pushes away powerful women. WHAT?! Not only does he have 5  strong willed, Irish (Is that redundant?) sisters, he’s married to the most powerful woman he’s ever met! Andrew tells Martin “shhhhhhh don’t mention Pretty Mama,” because Andrew knows where this client is taking this. So she continues on about how there is a woman out there for him! What?! Are you kidding me with this!? Andrew says, “Yea in the living room!” “Helllloooo! *blows horn again* Really! Still nothing?!!!! Don’t make me get the cymbal playing monkey” LMAO!

Martin had a hard time listening to her because Andrew was much more entertaining. Well it entertained the hell put of me that is for sure! So once again, she proved Martin’s point, DON’T GIVE UNSOLICITED READINGS! Well, unless you wanna be blogged about! :-)


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5 Responses to NEWBIES! *sigh*

  1. Karen T says:


  2. Jeremy says:

    She was probably hinting at HERSELF… LOL Martin gets lots of stalkers you know. LOL

  3. admin says:

    yea, that’s what I’m thinking too J!

  4. kerri thompson says:

    funny thing to me is we used to send my grandmother in to see if someone was good at readings. if they were truly good, they would just look at her and say, i cant tell u anything u dont already know. it would be like hello, what r u doing here. then the rest of us would go for readings. sometimes the things that people see can be influanced by opinion or interpretations of signs. my grandmother thought it was a curse she had because it was against her irish catholic upbringing. sometimes she read some better than others. we werent to speak of it. she only told family things. but other people who read us would or could see things she didn’t. just in case u r wondering why we would pay to see someone when she was there and free. my sister she could read like a book. me, well my mind doesn’t stay still good enough. lol. but i cant imagine talking to someone that has done readings for awhile and thinking i could read them. i would be the exact oposit. i would shut up for fear of making a complete fool of myself. some people just like to think they have something they don’t or they are better than others. me, i am happy just being me. but sometimes when i come in contact with someone who reads i try to open myself to see if i feel something from them, like a tingle or something that makes me think they r real and not just a show. i hope for something so i know i am not wasting my time and money. people like to read some weird stuff supposedly off me. lol. but i think it is rude to in a way force urself onto someone. of course it is even funnier that martin was getting paid to listen to her babble when it was she who should have been listening. might be iritating but kinda like getting paid to take a break, a comic break at that. lol if i comment too much on too many blogs, i hope i dont seem like a stalker. lol. i am just enjoying this so much, i cant keep quiet. lol

  5. admin says:

    It’s a newbie mistake to just start reading people without asking them Especially when you are the one paying for the reading for one of the best mediums out there! That’s ego talking. It’s a fine line people need to learn between ego and spirit.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I had several people vying for #1 stalker status. It was too funny. It looks like they haven’t been that dedicated in awhile! LOL You may now have #1 stalker status! :-D

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