I’m just going to babble on to see what comes out since I have nothing big to really write about, and since Swati wants me to write something everyday, even if I am just twiddling my thumbs. Her words not mine since mine would be, well lets just say more colorful. :-) Geez what happened today? Uhhhhhh, ummmm, well, Martin and I do laugh with Andrew almost everyday. But you kinda have to be there to see the humor in it. It’s just silly stuff that no one else would probably get except the 3 of us.

Oh here is something. I’ve been posting on the JVP board a poem and some songs from Andrew. So as I was copy and pasting the words in a thread, I decided to listen to the songs to make sure the words are correct because Martin isn’t big on the continuity of the songs, just ask Leah. :-D On the Dreaming Sea song, it says in writing here under the media section, “You can feel my touch in the morning..” but on the singing part Martin sings “You can feel my breath in the morning…” (See? No continuity) So I ask Martin which it is, breath or touch? He says it’s breath. Then I hear Andrew singing “You can SMELL my breath in the morning…” Well, I start laughing I thought that was so funny. I thought Martin would have gotten that obvious line, but nope, Muck just sang it to me. I’m even laughing now thinking about that line. I think Andrew tickled himself with that one too!

I know it’s not a lot, but it’s all I got for now. Stay tuned for Martin’s blog, he’s got a post he is writing about some interesting info he received from Andrew recently. We talked a bit about it on the show tonight.


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10 Responses to UMMMMM, YEA, WELLL, UHHHHHH….

  1. Swati says:

    Yeah!! Good work! :-D I told ya I’ll check! So now that I have already read this, you will need to write something else tomorrow. Hyuk! Hyuk! This won’t count as “tomorrow” because for me its still today. 15 minutes to tomorrow.

    [quote]“You can SMELL my breath in the morning…”[/quote]

    I nearly died laughing at that! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! Did you tell Martin? LOLOLOLOL!!!! It also reminded me of that time when he farted…and you wrote about it in the blog, and before I could read it, he proudly announced to me that he farted. LMAO!!! Remember that? We need to keep reminding him of his avatar status, and keep fixing his stick-on halo at this rate. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  2. Dana says:

    I LOVE it! Especially when it comes to spiritual musings…I think folks are far too serious! Laughter raises our vibrations after all! :D

    Good stuff Connie!

    And…Pssstttt…..Swati will just pester you to blog everyday. I’ve been known to ‘*BopZ* folks on their heads if I get miffed at ’em! :p

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Well, in Martin’s defense… I have to say that sometimes the lyrics re-write themselves and don’t even tell the songwriter! :) :) :)

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    I have to say, I am so glad I blog Swati because there are things I would have forgotten about other wise. Beautiful, funny things with Andrew his last months here that would be gone forever…and his farting LMAO *ooops I just farted laughing so hard* ROFLMAO now

    Well, you will hardly find seriousness here Dana and when you do, a joke is sure to follow. Andrew does keep us laughing. Oh that reminds me of another story about yesterday I can write about! *claps hands excitedly*

    Yea, I suppose you are right Leah. I’ll have to give Martin that. Hey! have another cool experience w/Andrew so I don’t have to work so hard. ;-)

  5. Swati says:

    [quote]Oh that reminds me of another story about yesterday I can write about! *claps hands excitedly* [/quote]

    Then where is my write-up for the day? :-D

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    Gotta keep ya n the edge of yer seat Swati. Also hoping something else happens so I have something else to write about later.

  7. Swati says:


    LOL!! Howz that for breathing down your neck?

  8. admin says:

    CHECK AGAIN! :-)

  9. Karen T. says:

    I’m here an’ a reading! Smell my breath in the morning….LMAO Love ya Andrew, but no thanks!!

  10. Pretty Mama says:

    Hell, I’d even be willing to smell his feet in the morning Karen, if it meant I could have him back again! Anyone who knows Andrew knows how HUGE that one is! lol While he had the purdiest feet I’ve ever seen….he had the Jordan curse of the smelliest ass feet EVER! :-o Even as a baby we could tell he them Jordan feet! He did learn to control it tho.

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