I have been reading up on astral traveling, I want to be able to keep up with the “class.” Since all this has happened with Andrew, I have been very scattered and unfocused. Hopefully this will help me get more focused and help me to move through the grief quicker. I know I have been doing better than the average bear, but I’m looking forward to getting further down the path in less time. I want off this grief train already!

Since I have been reading and focusing on AT, I have been feeling Andrew working on my crown and 3rd eye chakra again. I know he hasn’t stopped, it’s me being in the right space to feel it is all. It feels awesome, I LOVE it! I’m hoping he’s getting me ready for lift out! ;-)

I want to AT to get not only more connected to Andrew, but to my Higher Self, and the REAL truth of what is. I am too much in mama gene mode and that is where the grief is. I need to be more connected to my Higher Self, that is where the peace is. One of the side benefits of AT is that your psychic abilities get more in tune, which makes sense. I’m not doing this just to be walking around my house, I want to go to the Other Side and reconnect with things I have forgotten since coming here, and not get all caught up in the nonsense that goes on in this 3rd dimension.

SO there you have it Swati, another post! Ha!


Oh BTW Martin posted a blog about something Andrew shared with him.

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  1. Swati says:

    Yes! You wrote for today! Now you have to get busy planning for tomorrow’s blog. LOL!!

    Your reasons for AT sound just what I want from it! :-) I just got your email. Am going now for my jewelry class to “defend” my final project. But I just want to tell you that what you wrote about the books and how it can aid those parents who have lost their kids (or for that matter anyone who has lost their loved ones to death) seems right on spot. I think you are on to something really special here. Did you talk to Martin and Andrew about it? What do they think? It makes a lot of sense to me.

  2. admin says:

    Ha! Waaaay a head of you Swati! Next blog is already written!

    So what kind of class is this anyway Swati where you have to defend your final project? Sounds a bit aggressive to me. lol

    They like the idea of the book. That’s 3 so far we have ready to go now. ;-)

  3. Dana says:

    Swati is showing off her uber gorgeous pendant that she just made! Take that Shankari! :D How did you do Swati? I can’t imagine that you would get any less than an ‘A+’!

    I want to go to the Other Side and reconnect with things I have forgotten since coming here, and not get all caught up in the nonsense that goes on in this 3rd dimension

    Amen to that one Sistah! 3D is losing the dew off the lily!

  4. admin says:

    Yea Swatikins! How’d ya do?? Put a thread in the forum with your link to your jewelry/blog and pin it so we can easily find it and it doesn’t get lost.

    The 3rd dimension has lost it luster with me Dana, and I need to do something to beak it up to make staying here bearable. Astral travel will hopefully so that for me.

  5. Swati says:

    The defending went well! LOL! We have to give a presentation at the end, speaking about the piece, all the hows, why’s what’s, and why on earth did you make this, does it stand up to the stipulations and blah blah blah. It went surprisingly well. I am not very comfortable with public speaking. But it was easy because most of the times they didn’t even let me speak…they were too busy with the ooohs and aaahs! LOL!! Made me feel darned good about myself ;). We get grades in January. Just came back. Now classes start again on 26th January…this time I am doing “Casting”.

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