It was brought to my attention that some of you may have been going though withdrawal symptoms this morning. My bad! :-D I thought that only happened when Andrew was in the hospital. Didn’t think I had as many people still interested or dependent on their morning blog dose. :-)

Here’s one example from one person, they who shall not be named, before they had to go to the methadone clinic! LMAO…..

“Just in case you think nobody’s paying attention, I
>thought I would
> document my Blog Withdrawal Symptoms:
> Irritable
> Sweaty and Clammy
> Hungry
> Sleepy
> Weepy”

There was a bit more but I left it out to protect the guilty! LOL

Hopefully I am posting in time to prevent a trip to the clinic! ROFLMAO! I wish I had the wee rollie heads to put here!

Ok, now on to bidness. I was actually busy yesterday getting ready for psychic party and portrait unveiling on Sat. I had to get a light for the portrait, grocery shop, clean, drop Martin off at his leads club meeting. There was no way I was going to let him drive himself! It was in down town Sarasota for chrissakes! You know how hard any down town can be! Even Lori text me to say she was glad I was dropping him off! She heard things! LOL

But you know I have to share a wee story with you anyway! Denise was here yesterday. I asked her to go with me to drop off Martin so we could play around at Whole Foods for an hour. We are easily amused, what can I say. Especially at the deli counter. They are like crack dealers! They offer you some delicious sample, you buy it and when you go back specifically for that item they don’t have it! And it leaves you feeling a bit like the above withdrawal symptoms! ARRRRG! SO then they offer you something and the vicious circle starts all over again!

When we came home from our later outing to Walmart, Denise went into the bathroom and the fairy light was on. We asked Martin about the lighting in Andrew’s room and bathroom as they were both on. He did turn on the bedroom light but didn’t take credit for the fairy light. Muck just loves that fairy light! Thanks Colleen and David!

Denise said as she was going into the bathroom she saw Muck out of the corner of her eye lying in his bed! Then the fairy light is on for her too. Cool huh?

I still go in his room in the a.m. to turn off his light and say “Muuucck! How many times I have to tell you to turn off your light when you get up!?” I always said that to him with a grin in my face when he was here. He’d look at me and smile. It was one of our “things” that we always did. Only this a.m. I could “see” (3rd eye) him lying there with his hands behind his head and a smirk on his face as he says “I’m still sleeping!” LOL I walk out laughing saying “smart ass!” It made me really smile and feel good! I could feel him there. Even if it is my imagination, you know that is where everything begins and the imagination is real!

Here’s the cool thing, when we see Muck on his bed, he is in his bed where he is now. As I have mentioned before, Andrew has his room there like he does here, only bigger. He just loved his room here.
Is that good for now? Did you get your fix? :-D I have more things to do to get ready for Sat. I will make sure no matter how tired I am, I will post something for you to read for the morrow. :-D I can’t have a bunch of you lined up at the methadone clinic tomorrow now can I??? Hmmm or can I???? *insert evil laugh here*

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17 Responses to UH, YEA, SORRY BOUT THAT!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I can’t wait for the psychic party, so I’ll get to see the fairy light! You’ve talked about it so much, I have to see it. LOL And thank you for fixing my craving! LMAO! I knew exactly which buttons to push! :) :)

  2. admin says:

    Ok, so I guess I was too late and everyone is at the methadone clinic. OR Leah, ooops, they who shall not be named, is the only one who is reading the blog now. :-p

  3. admin says:

    Oh we must’ve been typing at the same time only you got done before me.

    Not only will you get to see the fairy light, you will get to see the dragon & sock too as we haven’t moved them yet! You will be able to take it in all the Muckness of his room. I may have to put up the velvet rope! LMAO!

  4. jessica says:

    I love to hear all the great things andrew does! everyone else has to wait to see the dragon and the sock! :) I already got to see that! And I love to get all my muckness when im over…xoxoxoxo see you at the party!!!

  5. admin says:

    YAY Jessica!!! Miss “seeing” you here!!! Looking forward to seeing you at the party. Now peeps can meet Clayton too!

  6. Leah Clark says:

    Hi Jessica!!! I’ll be happy to see you and Clayton both as well! Big, wet kisses for Clayton! Big hugs for you (unless you want the wet kisses – we can negotiate :) :) :) )!!!

  7. Swati says:

    LOL!! The moment I read those words, I knew that was Leah! hahahaha!! I had been watching to you too Ms. Witchywoman! And was going to send you a stinker for not writing something, when a piece of labradorite jewelry totally caught my attention, and I am still obessed with it. Then Leah told me to go see that you had written something in the blog. This morning I had gone briefly to check the forum and went away without going to the blog. And now I see the awesome things you have written (thanks to Leah).

    I want a fairy light too which shall be switched on and off by Andrew!!

  8. admin says:

    Ahhh so you get easily distracted by pretty colors too Swati?! LOL It would be so cool if I could market a fairy light like that wouldn’t it?? :-D I think mine is a one of a kind deal.

    Um yea, a little disturbed there Leah at your negotiation idea with my niece! LOL

  9. Dana says:

    Damn skippy we need our daily ‘fix’ here! ;) :D

    I slog on down to the compy with a large cuppa Joe in my hand every morning. The first thing I do is log into here. You and Martin (and Andrew) need to pick up the slack or I can’t begin my day properly! :D

  10. Karen T. says:

    I end my day here…uh, night. For instance, it is 1:30am now and I am just starting my routine. I log on after work to wind down or after everyone else is in bed if I haven’t worked. I told my sister last night that spiritual growth is like air for me now and this blog and the forum are the biggest contributors to me not turning blue!! LMAO! Was feeling a bit oxygen deprived last night during my “me time” when I detox from the day…LMAO!! Seriously though, I get my bulk here because I know this is for real due to our amazing hook-up with the other realm… Miss you Andrew!!

  11. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – have you already forgotten our time together at the beach house benefit? You started it!!!! ;) ;) ;)

  12. admin says:

    LOL LOL LOL !! At first I just read beach house and thought I forgot some secret rendezvous we might’ve had! :-0 LOL Was I hitting on my niece?? A lot of that night is a blur due to the fact I was excited to be out of the hospital but also concerned about Andrew because he had the intestinal bleed. SO who was hitting on who? Refresh me. I’m more in body now, which ain’t saying much I know! :-D

    I’m so happy you are able to get so much from here Karen. Again it was our goal to educate and help. Glad to know it’s working for a few!

  13. Leah Clark says:

    LOL!!!! I knew you’d forgotten – there was a LOT going on that night! I seem to remember Elatia taking a picture of you and I in what could be construed as a rather compromizing position, right after taking the tongue pic of Karen T. and Jinnie! I never got a copy, so I figure it’s being saved for blackmail. :D

  14. admin says:

    Ahhh geez! You’d think I’d learn! I have so many incriminating evidence pictures out there of me, I’m screwed if I ever made a big name for myself! LOL Well, maybe not as a comedian, they would expect that kind of behavior! *phew, dodged a bullet there*

    Yea, but I think you were still hitting on my niece! :-D Wot up wid dat?? LMAO

  15. Leah Clark says:

    Okay, just for the record, I was NOT hitting on you, Jessica. LOL!! I just didn’t want you to feel left out, since I was offering big wet kisses to Clayton. Geez!! You try to be fair to everyone, and you only get crap for it…

    (actually, I was just trying to make your Aunt Connie laugh… I guess I did that!!! hahahaha!)

  16. admin says:

    That’s our motto “Always go for the joke no matter what!” But I will be keepin my eye on you tomorrow night around Jessie!! LOL LOL ROFLMAO!

  17. Leah Clark says:

    *evil laugh*

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