As I have mentioned before, one of Martin’s fav things to do is go to 7-11 everyday. When you have an addictive personality, you have to have a “thing” you just gotta do. 7-11 is Martin’s. I’ve mentioned how Andrew would come barreling out of his room when he heard Martin was going. It’s the one place we let Martin drive to because we know he won’t get lost. LOL Plus it’s close enough that he should be in body long enough to make the drive. :-D

When Martin went yesterday he had a great time with Andrew. Andrew was sitting in the front seat beside Martin and Martin did what I do when I’m in the car alone, he put his hand on the seat and was rubbing it to rub Andrews leg. I usually put my hand out for Andrew to hold. Martin zones out a bit, see? Now you know why we don’t let him go far. Next thing Martin hears is, “Uhh Daddy, it’s getting a little creepy. And I’m in the back seat now!” LMAO!! I thought “this is soooo going into our act!” LOL

Then Andrew says “I see sadness in you Daddy. Why? How does it serve you?” Ha ha! Muck ain’t that hard on me!! But I’m the mama! I get away with more! *evil laugh*

It serves us to help us distinguish the human side from the spiritual side. The more you connect with sadness the more you are in your human side & the further away you are from your spiritual side. Sadness just shows you where you are & it’s good to know where you’re at. It was a lesson for Martin showing him the difference between his human side and his spiritual side.

The student has definitely become the teacher! Ahhhh who am I kidding? He was a teacher here too! But sometimes we got to be the teacher too! :-D


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8 Responses to THANK HEAVEN FOR 7-11

  1. Tammy says:

    That’s Awesome & so true…I know when I dip into the sadness of loss; I have to talk myself out of it, because I realize it makes EVERYTHING grey….& I like when I am connected more than when I am not connected.
    Did u get the report???

    Hope it brought a smile to your heart!!

  2. Karen T. says:

    This was awesome and a bit timely. Thank you!

  3. Swati says:

    [quote]It’s the one place we let Martin drive to because we know he won’t get lost. LOL Plus it’s close enough that he should be in body long enough to make the drive.[/quote]

    TELL Martin that now I get to laugh at HIM!!!

    BUT….DON’T tell Martin that I those words above could have been written for me! LOLOLOLOL!!! I can beat Martin or anyone on this earth in getting lost. If you are one who cannot get lost, I can make sure you’ll get lost…all you need to do is follow me. And…I am dangerous behind the wheels, because its very rare that I am in my body :-P. BUT of course all this is not for Martin. All Martin gets to hear is I am pointing at him and laughing, rolling on the floor and laughing!!! Popcorn flying out of my mouth! :-D

  4. Dana says:

    I must be more grounded than I give myself credit for cuz I can navigate around GR! I do have my moments where I suddenly ‘snap back’ and wonder how I drove the car for a bit ? (I kind of have an accord ;) with my driving angels not to let me drift off the road) heeheehee…

    Awww….that’s true enough about the sadness. I am mostly mindful of how I’m feeling and how that is effecting my vibration…mostly *angelic face*

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Ok Swati can ya beat this one? I gave birth to Andrew in the hospital across the street from where my parent’s lived at the time. Martin got lost going to their place from the hospital that he had been to MANY times! LOL

    I’ve seen him get lost in a parking lot! He couldn’t find his way out! Seriously! One time he and Andrew were coming home from the airport and he went the wrong way home from the interstate and he didn’t even notice! I think it was Andrew that finally said after they had been driving 15 mins “Daddy I think we went the wrong way!” ROFLMAO! Can’t even get pop corn in my mouth! LMAO!!

    Yea, Andrew has a way with timely messages! He’s good like that! I did get the report Tammy and it was wonderful and I will be posting it.

    Thanks Kare T for the testimonial. I didn’t know the full story before. Very powerful!

  6. Leila says:

    I awoke this morning with a wee bit of sadness and heaviness of heart. I was having a lil chat with myself about the importance of releasing the illusion surrounding the situation (and I wasn’t listening LOL). I was going to check the blog later this evening but I was nudged to just take a moment and check in. I am sooo grateful that I did!
    Thankfully, I did listen to Andrew and I was ROFLAO reading about Martin & Swati’s driving experiences. Now I can go about my day with a much lighter heart and a smile on my face.

    I just love it! Thank you!

    Lots of Love

  7. jessica says:

    He was the teacher,thats for sure! He taught me soooooo much! That was a good one!!!!! :0)

  8. admin says:

    That is what helps me to not to go into sadness a lot and if I do, it helps me not to stay there long because it only takes me away from Andrew & you know I don’t want that! :-D

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