Tis The Season

Thanksgiving Eve has been the tradition of when we put up our Christmas tree. We’ve done it since Andrew was a little boy and when he got old enough he took over the tradition himself making it even more of a tradition/procedure. I have written before about how Andrew loves his procedures.

On Thanksgiving Eve he would put on some Enya or Gary Stadler’s “Fairy of The Woods” music as he would put up the tree and the lights on it. He had a very concise way he liked to do it and didn’t even let Martin help him! He had his procedure and didn’t like anyone messing with it, not even his Dad. On Thanksgiving Day Andrew would then help me decorate the tree in between getting the food prepared and cooked.

I loved our procedure, our tradition to officially kick off the holiday season. I miss Andrew being here physically for it. He loved the holidays and always had that childlike excitement about it, even at 15yo, even at 16yo dealing with leukemia. We were making plans for how we were going to try and keep our tradition even while in the hospital. We would have been in isolation in the transplant ward and we were all looking forward to it, a room all to ourselves to decorate however we wanted. We weren’t going to let a little thing like leukemia stop us from our holiday procedure!

I have continued our tradition of Thanksgiving Eve as best I could since Andrew left. Including the first one that he wasn’t here for, only a month after he left. Even last year when we had to do a Fakesgiving since we were going to be in the UK touring for Thanksgiving, we put up the tree on Fakesgiving Eve, but never got a chance to decorate it.

This year I was unable to put up the tree on Thanksgiving Eve because we couldn’t find the freakin tree stand and pole! But that is another story for another blog post. Let’s just say, the Fae were at play!

Anyway, Martin and I FINALLY put the tree up together on Dec 2nd, while trying to listen to Andrew’s fav holiday music, Enya & Fairy of The Woods on Pandora, but that too is another story for another blog post, the same aforementioned post I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Again, the Fae were at play.

Now, as Martin was putting the lights on the tree, he and Andrew get into a “discussion” I will call it. Andrew was telling Martin he was putting the lights on wrong. As you can see why “discussion” has quotations. (“moon flowers” That’s for you Chrissy Mac)

Andrew told Martin that he needed to reverse how he had put the strand of lights on the tree. Martin questioned him as to why, what difference did it make? So Andrew proceeds to tell him because that’s where the plug was, it didn’t have lights close to the plug & needed to be on the bottom close to the wall. So Martin had to redo the lights because why? The boy was right!

As Martin continues to put the strands of lights on the tree, he feels like some of the branches were pushing back here and there. That’s when he realized it was Andrew guiding him on where the lights should go. Martin was telling me all of this as it was happening. I was sitting in the chair LMAO at my 2 boys putting the lights on the tree. Andrew is still making sure things are done HIS way, you know, the right way! It was fun and felt normal, like I say, it was like the old days, just in the new way, and I’ll take that any day over the alternative.

As usual, our boy was reminding us that through the holidays and always he’s still with us, loving us, hugging us, still part of the family participating, like he would let the lack of a physically body stop him, he just told me, and  …



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  1. Lena Nowmos says:

    I really enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving Blog! I LOVE that you used turquoise lights on your tree. When you 3 were here last year for a Past Life Regression Workshop, Andrew was front and center shining this amazing and brilliant aqua colored energy!! Blessings to you all for a Happy Christmas and Merry 2014!

  2. Always funny to hear how your lives continue to move forward. Glad you found the stand and happy you are beginning to enjoy this part of life. Well done and have a great holiday season.

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