It’s funny that when Andrew was here, he was trying to levitate at a very young age and knew he could move things with his mind. But then get frustrated when he couldn’t do it. He told me when he was around 9yo that he knew he could levitate, but couldn’t understand why he couldn’t here. Not to discourage him, I explained that this plane is denser and it’s harder to do, but it wasn’t impossible. That is when he found his love of Monks, because he read somewhere that they had mastered levitation, and that fascinated him. He wanted some of that!

So of course him being on the other side now, he has shown us how he can move things at the speed of thought right in front of Martin’s eyes. He did it with a crystal sphere. He moved his dragon from the back of his dresser behind his meditation chair to ON his chair, his first Christmas not physically here. He recently¬† had Martin’s glasses fly off the table that I recently wrote about. He has shown us what he can do with electricity, especially when he first left. While he loved it here, he was diggin all the things he knew he could now on the other side without the constraints of his body.

So I recently found out his latest escapade. And it’s a pretty darn big one AND it wasn’t even with us! I’m going to have to have a little chat with him about that. Ok, just did, that speed of thought thing. He told me he likes spreading the wealth. Well Prettymama wants some more of that wealth! His latest escapade was with someone who never met him while he was here, and only recently met him this year while reading my book. She has been working on her mediumship skills and decided to ask for Andrew’s help. She met him first in a dream, which had a profound effect on her. Then it got real serious a few months later.

A few months ago she asked Andrew to come to her as she laid in bed ready to go to sleep. That’s when the magick happened. Andrew literally opened her window and walked through it! She was astounded! So much so she didn’t remember anything else other than he did talk to her but doesn’t remember what he said. I think if he showed up for me like that I wouldn’t remember WTH he said either!

It made me wonder why he would literally open the window when he could go through it, which he thought was so cool while he was here and wanted to be able to do that, or why didn’t he just appear to her. But walking through walls or windows is passe now I guess, like so this past life time. LOL

Again, I got the same answer from him like I did when I asked him about the glasses he pushed off the table. He told me he was going old skool because opening a window was more impressive without the physical body. Made complete sense to me I thought. This is what makes sense in my life now. My son physically opening a window without physically being here and appearing to someone neither of us have met here. LOL¬† And I thought my life was weird before Andrew left! He has brought it to a whole other level of weird that I didn’t even know existed! BUT!!!!!….

It’s All Good!!

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