The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Kaliana was over today and ran her Daba ragged while I worked. Martin said she was in every room of the house today. Something very interesting happened in the back room that use to be Elatia’s and is now Kaliana’s/Maymee’s room/gym.

Martin was working with Kaliana on making an energy ball. She enjoyed that, but it was what happened after that, that was very interesting.

Martin aka Daba was back in Kali’s room with her when he asks her, “who’s that?” pointing to Andrew’s poster. She’s replies, “Andrew… MUCK!” She’s sitting there playing with her dolls when she holds her hand up towards a corner of the room and says, “I’ll help!” Martin said Kaliana’s eyes were a bit glazed over and she was very focused.

Martin was thrown aback by that so he asks Andrew what they were doing together, Martin hears nothing. He asks again and Andrew informs him to, “mind your business Daddy!” Martin said he was kicking his foot around the room figuring he’d eventually hit Andrew, grumbling “tell me to mind my business will ya!” LOL

Kaliana stayed like that for a few minutes as Martin watched her, he knew it wasn’t his place to interfere. She showed her hand to Martin and said, “hot Daba!” And sure enough her hand was hot! Then she said, “I’m done.” She then laid down on the futon and Martin laid beside her when out of the blue she looks at him and says to Martin, “Two peas in a pod” several times. That is what Andrew would say to Martin, “we’re 2 peas in a pod Daddy!” It was their thing. Martin felt excited when she said that because as she said it, he could smell Andrew’s aftershave he use to wear.

Even though I have known since Kali was tiny that she could see Andrew, I was disappointed, well actually heart broken that Andrew wasn’t here to be an uncle to her. I’d see her other uncles with her and my heart would sink because I knew I would never see her with her Uncle Andrew, the coolest uncle of them all! But after today I know that she indeed DOES have her Uncle Andrew in her life, and in a powerful and profound way I never could have imagined! They are actually working together on some high vibrational stuff! She is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice! How cool is that? It does a PrettyMama’s heart good to know that my son and granddaughter do have a special bond together after all! AND it reminds me that….


kalinMUCK                                                Two Peas In A Pod Too

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2 Responses to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

  1. Renee Bugden says:

    What’s an energy ball?

  2. admin says:

    It’s energy you create between your hands that you can send your intent into & release. Andrew would make them all of the time when you he was little. James Van Praagh did this exercise on the Ricki Lake Show a few months back. It’s a great exercise to make you aware of energy we have coming from our hands & how it feels.

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