Shame on me for not remembering to tell Martin Happy Birthday at 2 am when I was going to the clown house!! Not only did I not do it then…I didn’t do it at 7am when he came over to do the chore w/me!!!Andrew did it at 3am and he’s the one all medicated!! But you know his family didn’t call either NOR did my mother!! Uh huh mother you missed Martin’s b-day!!! tisk tisk!! I at least remembered and to make up for it I thought about flashing some boobage but don’t want to scar the boy anymore than he might be from this whole experience! SO instead we took the stairs back up to the room and I let him watch me walk up the stairs. Guys are so easy!!! What r u gonna do mom?? :-)
Leah, my fairly new myspace friend that wrote Andrew’s song even called to SING him happy birthday to him!!! We should be ashamed of ourselves!!! Martin doesn’t care, he had a nice peaceful day w/Andrew so he’s happy. But still! I think it would’ve been nice to have heard from someone in his family! There’s enough of them!! LOL
I was here this a.m. OMG!! :eek I am so glad to have the night shift!! TOOOOOOO many people here in the morning. I really like my schedule which is funny since I am soooo not a schedule kinda gal. I like the routine we are in now. We are in the flow of hospital life and I like it. WOuld prefer being home but you make the best right? I have my routine that I do at night and I am not bothered by hospital peeps that often.

When I went back to the room at 2am I couldn’t sleep!! SO finally a 7am I decided to just go to the hospital and let Martin sleep. Feels good to be back to our new “normal” again! Give me the night shift any day…I mean night. You know what I mean!

Andrew slept most of the day. He woke up around noon to eat breakfast then slept again till 5pm!! :eek He wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to rest today, I guess yesterday by now. It still feels like yesterday to me.

He feels really good, only his appetite is down and so is his weight to 52.4. He is eating but he has to eat more than the average person to gain weight. I know! Wish I had that issue too!!

Ronald McDonald came by today. Andrew actually wanted to meet him!! He humored Ronald and his bad jokes with that big grin of his! :lol Andrew really enjoyed meeting him! He said he wanted to meet this mysterious clown that he’s only seen in commercials. Ronald gave him a mini plastic Ronald clown on a skate board and said it was a collector’s item and not to sell it on E-bay! See? Bad jokes! :lol No I did not get a pic. :\ Sorry. I was willing to bring the clown back for one but Andrew said no.

Martin was leaving for the clown house tonight and he sez to Andrew, “See you later Baldy!” Andrew then sez “See ya later Marty!!” :eek Martin hates that name! :lol SO Martin sez “I’ll start callin ya Andy!” Ahhhhh a nice father son bonding moment! :lol

Andrew’s ANC was down to 522 so it’s starting to drop. The transplant doc said it’s 7-10 days to really drop. DAMMIT! Was hoping it would be on the upwards swing by then. It’s the kind of chemo that keeps on giving. :\ He has to be on eye drops for a few days w/this chemo so his optic nerve doesn’t bulge!! :eek At least it’s 100% effective in preventing that!! *phew* But you know the mama gene :hugkiss doesn’t even like the fact it has to be prevented!!

Everything is still going smoothly!! :dog :hula Adele said his body is still clear!! She had something interesting happen. She was a bit tired today. She said that there was a circle of 7 smaller Angels around him and told her in a loving way to back away that they have it under control. Adele also has been seeing colors 5 inches above Andrew. Wed. it was brown, Tues. it was cobolt blue, Mon it was orange I believe. She doesn’t know what it means. We’re thinking brown has to do w/Earth. Martin and I haven’t discussed the other colors yet.

I’m so glad to be able to report yet another great day!! All your love, healing energy and prayers are working!!! :hula


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