Today was yet another peaceful day as far as Andrew goes!! He did need platelets today, he was down to 37,000 so he got those. His ANC is 252 but his hemoglobin is holding and Andrew is feeling great! He is amazing!! He doesn’t complain that he is bored or about any procedure, he is peaceful and happy and if he can be that here? of all places? you can just imagine what he’s like at home!
I’ve always known that he was amazing but boy did we get the polarity of just how amazing he really is today!! We got another room mate so you know I was baaaawaaaa-ing all about that! :-) I don’t work or play well with others. Ok, that’s a lie, but it sounded funny. And you know our motto by now, we always go for the joke! I’ve always gotten along with everyone I worked with.

Hearing this disturbing info of having to face another room mate, I took my time coming from the clown house. But we didn’t get our normal room mate. We got a whiney ass teenager (17 yr) for a freakin room mate!! YUP! The PIA (pain in the ass) whines more than I do!! Not even the babies could do that!! :-) He’s good! I bow to his whineyness

This kid whines and bitches at taking his vitals!! VITALS!!! The easiest and most painless thing they can do to you and he bitches about it. One nurse who came in to straighten his ass out because the other left pissed, said to Andrew “I’m sorry, we try to put teenagers together, but you got stuck w/this 2 yr. old! Meet your 2 yr. old room mate!” LOL LOL Then she pulled back the curtain for a second. A quick wave insued, curtain back again.
This metaphysical and positive energy stuff can bite you in the ass I tell ya!! The nurses are hoping that some of our positive energy will rub off on him. *pulls hair out* Now that’s just not cool!! We don’t deserve that! He was suppose to only be here for a few hours! Hellllloooo it’s 3:25a.m. and he’s still here!!! ARRRRGGG! *stomps feet* *quietly tho, everyone is sleeping and we don’t want to wake the whiney beast!*

Martin said tomorrow that if he starts his nonsense again he’s going over to let him have it. Martin isn’t going to allow anything or anyone interfere w/Andrew’s great chi!! :-) Altho they do have fun making fun of him behind the curtain. But it will be old by tomorrow.
On the up side Martin and I went out and got dinner. After 11 weeks in this joint, I just couldn’t do cafeteria food another night!! Andrew doesn’t mind if we leave if he’s benefiting and him getting a 12 oz Longhorn steak is major benefiting! So it was nice to enjoy that and I made sure I saved some so I can have the rest tomorrow. Andrew scoffed his steak down. He’s loving his steak as he won’t be able to have it in isolation. His food has to be carefully prepared or sealed if we bring it. SO no Aunt Lisa’s steaks! :-(
Andrew did a bit of teaching today. A student nurse was in today when he heard about the “metaphysical family.” I guess we are the latest word on the street around here. :-) SO he came in and chatted w/Andrew. Martin sat by and watched as Andrew answered all of this nurse’s questions. Martin didn’t have to add a thing! Andrew has also been interviewed by several nursing students for a paper they were working on.

I realized today that we have been here just over 11 weeks all together!! :-0 We’re back this time for 6 weeks & honestly it doesn’t seem that long!! I KNOW!! How can that be?? Wait, I will tell you. This just seems like one, long, huge day! It’s Ground Hog Day! We’re just missing Bill Murray. I come here & sit, take care of Andrew for 12-16 hrs. go to clown house sleep for 6-7hrs., come back, sit, take care of Andrew, go to clown house sleep ect ect. We do the same thing everyday & have nothing scheduled. We have no plans for anything. Just being here. Talk about your life coming to a complete and utter stop!! And somehow time is flying by. We’ve been dealing with this for 3 months already!! Time flies eh??

Almost went into a pity party but I spared you! You can thank me later. ;-)

Bottom line, I am extremely grateful that Andrew is doing so well and we have no trauma going on anymore. I’ll take these days any day over the trauma we had in the beginning. I woke up every morning with a knot in my stomach, feeling nauseas dreading the call to Martin on how Andrew was doing. There was always something new to deal with.

A cat scan for a brain bleed, an MRI for his lungs, a biopsy on his lungs, some kind of wash for his lungs. One cat scan and MRI after another, watching the spleen damage, an extra beat in his heart, ect ect freakin ect!!! NOW?? I wake up looking forward to hearing how great he’s doing. To quote Ms Camp Cupcake herself, “It’s a good thing!”

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