I don’t have a lot of time tonight because I’ll be going back to the clown house later tonight. Martin is staying for Andrew’s 5:30a.m. chemo shot in the leg. He’s getting his last 3 hr. dose now. Martin does hypnotherapy on Andrew for this shot because it can really sting going in. AND it’s a chemo they have emergency drugs for and wait for 15 mins after they give the chemo. Last time he didn’t feel a thing. SO we go w/what works. ;)

Well we found some tools to add to our healing arsenal!! My friend Denise said that smokey quartz is used to ease bad side effects of chemo. We went checkin in Andrew’s bag of tricks and found some great crystals!! A smokey quartz sphere, a smokey quartz point that broke in 1/2 once and mended itself completely!! :eek and a small polished smokey quartz. I have an athame w/ a 7 inch smokey quartz blade at home!! :eek We found some blood stone which helps to keep the organs strong!! :dog AND aqua aura is good for mouth and throat sores! We have that at home too! Heck yea I’ll be going home soon to get those fo sho!

We also found some of his talismans that we put some on his IV pole and he’s wearing some. He’s looking all rappa/gangsta like with all his bling AND Muckaruto head band! :lol Once we cracked all this stuff out he started buzzzing!! :lol He said it was like being on benedryl! :rollin The night nurse said it’s been crazy on the floor and she always like coming in our room to chill.

Andrew’s meeting w/Children’s Dream Foundation went great! They gave him a teddy bear that has a chest port in :lol ANNNND on the back of his head a patch of his hair comes off!! It’s velcroed on!! :rollin ANdrew took the bear tonight and did the whole thing that is done to him. Pretended he had a syringe & sez “wash in, out take blood, benedryl going in”, teddy went from sitting up to laying down and then snoring, then sayin he had to pee!! :lol :lol Andrew then sez “That’s our life now mama.” :lol He was so funny! He even fell over on me laughing he amused himslef that much! :-) Martin named the bear Luke, I’ll let u guess why!

Time for me to go! Big (((HUGS)))) to you all!! :blowkiss :LOVE



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