Meaning I am starting to FEEL Andrew and accept where he is now. I walked into his room the other night and looked at all of his things and didn’t feel devastated or like he was gone. Just like he was where he was suppose to be and instead of him coming home to us, we’ll be going home to him one day soon enough. Not soon enough for me mind you, but soon enough.

There was almost a peace about it. I think I am finally starting to make peace with his ascension. At least that is how I am feeling at the mo. I am hoping it sticks! No guarantee tho! I am taking my herbs for mood elevation regularly now, that is helping fo sho. I had a acupressure treatment with Denise which I think finally kicked in too. Not to mention all the energy work Andrew has been doing on me morning and night from day 1.

He is around us so much, & I’m feeling that, like he’s not really gone, just on a higher vibration that we can access anytime when we want. Denise can confirm this too. She is seeing him a lot more lately. I only see him with my 3rd eye but I just KNOW he’s there and can see what he is doing when he’s hanging with me. Like during American Idol.

Martin saw Andrew lying in his bed Sunday morning from the corner of his eye. Andrew was waving that goofy wave of his and said “Tell Mommy good morning Pretty Mama.”

I know I will always terribly miss his hugs, his kisses, his voice, his very presence, but I think it is getting easier to accept things the way they are now. Goddess only knows I have been working so hard on healing the grief straight on.

Andrew told Martin that by this happening it will only bring me closer to him and the bigger picture in all of this will soon become clearer to us.

Andrew was at it again today. Martin was in his bathroom and kidding around he says to him “Ok hotshot, let’s see you turn the fairy light on now!” And guess what??? HE DID! Andrew turned the fairly light on right in front of Martin! He’s a good Avatar! He brings no bother to the castle door!

I think I am starting to see the other side of the storm called grief. I am working very hard on staying focused on who Andrew is now. I pray that I can keep moving forward. I’m still taking it one moment at a time and this moment I am actually feeling peaceful. Actually it’s been a few days now and I’m still feeling it! YAY ME!


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  1. Karen T. says:

    I am so very happy for you Connie! I have been praying for peace to start for you….things will be so much easier in that place and you so deserve some easy!! Doing the happy dance for you!

  2. Dana says:

    YAY YOU Indeed! It does get easier -but for you the grief is still so new. It’s still a better perspective being aware of Andrew on the Other Side so soon. Most folks belief systems do allow for such a comfort. Even when our DLO’s reach out to us – they are told tis the devil *sigh*

    The fairy light story is coolio! See what happens when you (we!) believe? :)

  3. Pretty Mama says:

    Thanks Karen, having so many people pulling for me is a HUGE help as well!

    That’s what blows me away Dana, family that would rather hold on to their beliefs that cause them grief instead of maybe opening their minds to the possibilities that would give them comfort! Then when they cross and see that we were right about the Other Side, they will look at the time lost with us & feel, “DAMN I shoulda listened!!” But you know, it’s not my problem. They know where we are.

  4. Swati says:

    Connie! How many times will you make me say, “You’re so darned AWESOME!!”? :D :D :D You are! And I’m so thankful to God that you ARE, because I hate it when you are sad. I just hate it.

    The fairy light story is OH SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! (trying to use other words in my vocabulary apart from AWESOME! LOL!!).

  5. Dana says:

    One of the last things my m-i-l told my hubby before she passed was that she was pretty certain she ‘…won’t see you on the other side of the River Jordan.’


    And his father mentions that most times that they talk now (about how ‘lost’ Ken and the rest of us are). Oh brother!

    I wonder how Tina feels now that she’s on the Other Side? Or if she still has herself locked in her own weird little religious world? Remember what you said about taking our beliefs about the Other Side and creating THAT when we pass? *EEK!* Talk about ‘Hell!’ That’s it right there! *shudderZ*

    Hmmm….to my knowledge, I haven’t had any dealings with Tina in dream time. Now that may or may not mean anything. But still…

  6. admin says:

    I am curious about that, because like our cuz in Ireland, when he crossed at 38yo had no major expectations of the other side other than what they taught in Catholic church and he wasn’t “into” religion. He was having a great time in his new “body.” He told us that crossing over was nothing like he expected it to be but he was diggin it. I tell that story in my book. He certainly didn’t lose his sense of humor.

    I think there is a common thread but I think we each have our own experience when we cross.

    Like for Andrew, Hern actually showed up for him as a white stag to take him home. (that was the powerful Light Being) Andrew always had an infinity for Hern, he loves him.

    Andrew said that everyone eventually gets to the other side if they continue forward. It just may take some a little longer than others because it is a journey home & each journey is different.

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