I can’t stress enough how important it is to acknowledge the signs we get from our Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and TLO’s (transitioned loved ones). First of all, it is what keeps the magick in life and makes it interesting. As Martin has said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, it’s how it makes you feel is what is important.” So if believing something is a sign from above makes you feel good, why not believe it? Feeling good attracts more good feelings. It’s a win win situation.

Second, when we acknowledge the signs, it tends to open the flood gates for more signs, more connection to Spirit, more love. I believe that our Angels, Guides, AM, and TLO’s are constantly sending us signs, it’s whether we notice them or not. I was talking to a woman who lost her 19yo son 3 yrs ago. She was saying recently how she wished she got signs from her son like we do Andrew. I told her that she does, she just has to notice them and BELIEVE that they are from him and not brush it off as coincidence. As we all know there is no coincidences, just Godincidences. She came for a reading soon after her son passed and he came through really strong and even the night before she came over he was chatting away to Martin! So I know he is sending her signs.

So with that being said, tonight we were at Out Backs steak house. Someone was kind enough to give us a gift card for helping her teenage, Indigo, son deal with his psychic gifts. Martin and I were making our list of things to do for this music cd and I notice that our hanging lamp over the table is swinging ever so slightly in a circle. I looked at the table behind Martin and their lamp wasn’t moving. Then I remembered that every time we go to Long Horns the lamp would always slightly swing in a circle. Although it was more obvious at Long Horns, Andrew’s fav steak house, and where is fav sister works, ;-) it was definitely swinging at Out Backs ever so slightly.

Now I could choose to brush it off as coincidence or look for some logical explanation, but I chose to trust that I was feeling Andrew’s energy and it was his way of saying “Hi!” It made me feel good and closer to Andrew so that is what I went with. I feel it in my chakras when I feel Andrew and I get all tingly and light headed. Hmmm he’s a pretty good buzz when you think of it! That is my gauge. When I was watching John Edward last week, there was some info someone couldn’t validate. I paid close attention and I could have made it fit if I wanted to, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Another example is asking your Angels to see dolphins when you are out on or by the water. ( ;-) Aly) Or meditate and connect with the dolphins and ask that they show themselves to you when you’re by the water. And when it does happen, you bask in the dolphin energy and thank them or your Angels for hearing you and bringing magick to your day. You don’t brush it off as “Well, they are out here anyway, it’s a fluke.” We would connect with dolphin energy in Laguna Bch when we would work Doreen Virtue’s ATP(r) class. The whole week the dolphins would be jumping and swimming in front of the hotel. Even the hotel staff noticed that the dolphins were around more when the ATP(r) class would be going on.

Keep the magick in life and appreciate all those signs from our loving “friends” and family on the Other Side!


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11 Responses to SWING LOW

  1. Dana says:

    “It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, it’s how it makes you feel is what is important.”

    My fave Martin quote!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Absolutely.. another great truth is… You get what you expect.

  3. Swati says:

    Yep, I agree, that woman’s son must surely be sending her signs…but often people don’t realize they are signs or messages. I hope your book gets published because it will teach people about signs, and how to understand them.

  4. Karen T. says:

    Aly is still a-buzz about her dolphin! I was just telling a friend at work about it and he was in awe. He said that there is a somewhat tame dolphin out there, but as I told Brad, and this friend agreed, that dolphin could’ve been anywhere in that channel, but he was there at that moment…even made a big turn to come back to us and seemed to be saying “hi”. She got home and looked up and said, “Thank you!” So sweet…and the “hi” from our aquatic friend was awesome!

  5. Leah Clark says:

    Connie, Connie, we’re so whiny, cuz you never show your hiney on the blog… OMG, we’re having withdrawls, wanna see your drawls… we’re so whiny, cuz you never show your hiney on the blog… OMG… Connie, come out – come out wherever you are!!!! Show your hiney on the blog… OMG…

  6. admin says:

    OMG is right! DO u write the band’s songs??? LMAO

  7. Leah Clark says:

    It just goes to show your fans will do anything to get their fave AH on here! Do you feel loved now? LOLOLOL Madeja laugh…

  8. Swati says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! LOVE the song Leah!! This one ought to go on YouTube! Can you please do that? With the teeth?

  9. Leah Clark says:

    I would, if Sarah hadn’t dropped the camera in the pool over the holidays… :(

  10. admin says:

    Yep! Feeling the love thar Leah! And what does AH stand for again? My mind is drawing a blank…as usual.

  11. Karen T. says:

    I know! Attention ho…LOL

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