Wes was on the patio taking a break with Martin from WOW over the weekend. I was sitting in my chair in the living room watching one of Andrew’s and my fav shows. I have a straight shot looking out onto our patio from my chair. We had our back french door open because it’s cooler outside. Wes was meandering around on the patio while talking to Martin as he was looking at the wee froggies and tadpoles in our pool discussing their next raid, or instance, or how much gold they need to get or Wes dancing in the hall for money or whatever the hell it is they do on WOW.

Wes then starts to make his way back in and he stops dead in his tracks, then he continues to walk in. He’s a little freaked out and he proceeds to tell me that he could have sworn that he saw 2 people where I was. He saw me and someone else sitting on the arm of chair beside me. Well, that’s where Martin says Andrew sits when we watch our fav shows together. I relayed that little tidbit of info to Wes. I told him he was seeing Andrew. While he couldn’t tell who it was, he did know that he saw someone briefly.

I explained to him that that is how it works. You’ll see a spirit out of the corner of your eye or in a split second. I think that is why he loves spending time here, well one of the reasons anyway. He gets the validation of what he is seeing and hearing which helps him keep the connection to Andrew more. I am excited that Wes is able to tap in. We are so good for each other while we move through this grief process. You never get over it, all you can do is try and get through it.

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4 Responses to WES HAD A SITING!

  1. Jane says:

    (((Wes))) Woohooo!! That is fantastic. How cool that you were able to see Andrew.

  2. Swati says:

    Wooohoooo!!!! Alrighty!!! :-D

  3. Jeremy says:

    And so it begins… Good Job Wes!

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Yaaaay Wes!!!!

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