But first on to the great homecoming!!

Andrew called me 10am after my, say oh, 2 hours of sleep! Just couldn’t fall asleep. And here I am again at 4:30am writing! I have no sleep patterns now! :-) He called to let me know he was going to be released in a 1/2 hour!! :-0 Say what?? So much for all the plans I had! Buy the cake, get balloons, decorate, burn CD ect.

I run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get ready. I know I was going to at least take a shower! I did get the shower and I did burn the CD w/my 2 songs on them. What a computer tardo I am!! Needed help t do that. I finally get to the hospital, fumble with my dvd player as I’m getting off the elevator and start to play Salsbury Hill. One nurse said “Now that’s the way to do it!” It didn’t even get to the cool words yet. Needed to start it when I got on the elevator I guess. I get in his room and the damn DVD player dies!! Dammit! Me and electronics!! SO Martin plays it on his lap top. Didn’t get the reception I would’ve hoped for, impatience took over Andrew as he sat with his pic line still in. He was pissed! But we played both songs to my delight but Andrew was unimpressed. *sigh* There is still a teenager in that Wise body. :-)

I had to go to the clown house and do our chores and check out. I waited for both of them there. I missed Andrew’s leaving as the nurses stood there clapping!! How cool would have it been to have “I’m Going Home” playing!! DAMMIT! I missed a cool moment! Damned clown and his chores!

We came home and Andrew’s friends spray painted a sheet that said WELCOME HOME and nailed it to the house over his bedroom window! Very cool! There was some W.O.W. (World Of Warcraft) reference at the bottom of the sheet. Hell if I knew what it meant. Martin, CJ and Cory are big WOW players. There was balloons on the mail box, my friend Lori was still busy cleaning. Me, Denise and Colleen cleaned Andrew’s bedroom and bath the night before. But w/ a weiner dog and no one home for 5 weeks there’s still a lot to do.

Andrew went to bed. All that excitement tired him out and he wanted to rest for the party later on. We had a nice house full later on. Andrew’s friends went into his bedroom and that’s where they stayed. It was so good to hear laughing and talking coming out of his room again! It was great to have some normalcy even if it was just for a few hours. Andrew did really well! He was up and chatty and had such a great time. As soon as everyone left he was sleeping.

Today we all did a lot of sleeping. IN OUR OWN BEDS!! How exciting! Yup people! That’s what has become exciting in our lives right now, sleeping in our own bed. It feels so good! Yet I sit here typing! What is the matter w/me?? Andrew is going to the batroom by himself!! Another exciting thing that’s happened!

Andrew gets frustrated with how tired he is all of the time. I told him that we are too and we didn’t go thru what he’s been going thru so he was going to be tired. Again, frustrated w/the pissy stuff.

Here’s the still waiting to exhale part. Martin told me that the bone marrow biopsy did show he has luekemia cells in it still. :-( But on the up side it’s not uncommon, they are not concerned and Andrew doesn’t have it anywhere else. Hence the aggressive treatment. We go today for them to draw labs on him. Then we go back into the hospital for the 2nd of 5 rounds of aggressive chemo treatments on Tuesday the 21st. We’ll in for 3 weeks. Out a few days then in again for a few weeks. This will go on till the end of the year!! :-0 Is it any wonder I’m still waiting to exhale??? After the 5 treatments then he goes on “maintance” first once a week, then once a month then every 6 months until…..

So as you can see we’ll be needing your prayers for awhile. This is usually a 2 yr. journey or so. If anyone can cut the time it is Andrew. We just keep affirming his perfect health and his body will catch up.


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