Ok, it may be only be for a few days to a week but MY BOY IS COMING HOME!!!!!That’s all I care about!! My baby being home! I’ve been so busy since I found out this afternoon…yesterday afternoon now. I had to clean the clown house room and do laundry there then come home and clean here. SO this won’t be a long blog. Thank God for Lori coming up today/yesterday (my timing is way off) and helping me there. Hmmmm I wonder if she’ll do my hair later on today. Then Denise and Collen helping me when I got home.

I’m sitting here crying as I listen to the songs I’ve down loaded for bringing him home. You didn’t think we would leave quietly now did you!! As I walk down the hospital corridor I will hold my dvd player as I blast Salsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. “Boom Boom Boom Pack your bags I’m taking you home !!!” Then as we leave we will blast “I’m going home to the place where I belong and I’m going home where love’s always been enough for me!!! ” by Chris Daughtry

As I drove home w/ Cory, Andrew’s best friend, Cameron’s big bro, Chris’ song came on. Cory sez “that’s weird” Really? Is he new?? Kinda the norm for us! Then while I’m in Walgreens I hear Salsbury Hill and it was the “My heart going BOOM BOOM BOOM GRAB your things I’ve come to take you home!!” that caught my attention and I started to cry, thank Goddess for sunglasses! The 2nd sign that my son was coming home. I am so overjoyed!
We were told that he was coming home tomorrow/today now (happy b-day to me)…..as long as he didn’t have a fever and his #’s stayed up. SO I was holding my breath as a mother does and these were my 2 signs! My boy is coming home and we’re having a party tomorr….tonight!!!! THE BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!

I’m just so excited to get him home, I can’t stop crying now I’m so happy!! I keep playing the songs over and over! I can see me walking down the corridor playing the music! Just like the scene in the movie w/John Cuzack holding the boom box playing “Your Eyes” I believe another song by Peter Gabriel too. We are over the first and worst part of this healing journey. Andrew is TOTALLY healthy! His blood is clear as is his spine and bone marrow! The other treatments are to prevent relapses. Notice I didn’t use the L word?? We DO NOT use the L word and Andrew in the same breath or same sentence!!! IT’S NOT ALLOWED! We don’t claim this for him and neither should anyone else!

People go thru things in their life to learn lessons. I realized Andrew is going thru this not because he needs to learn anything, I’d put him him up against any big metaphysical speaker/author out there. And that includes Ester Hicks! I love her but she has nothing on my son! I have my own Abraham teachings with him! He’d run circles around ALL of them!! He is going thru ALL this because WE as in ALL of us are here to learn something from this!! He is showing us courage, grace, positive attitude NO MATTER WHAT!!

He had his LP today/yesterday now as I look at the clock, and didn’t want a lot of sedation so he’d be awake for his friends when they arrived (only one made it) and he felt the bone marrow sample being taken!! And do you know when the nurse practitioner who did it, came in later and asked how he was doing he said “AWESOME!” How many people would say that after having a needle in their spine, chemo shot in it and a bone marrow sample taken and FEELING IT say “I feel AWESOME!” YUP! He is NOT the one who needs the lessons here! It is everyone who is involved with him. And if you are reading this right now, this means you too!

Honor my son and learn to live your life with courage and grace as he has set the example and inspired me to! As I told him, you don’t help people by draggin them to their potential, you inspire them to it or let them go!! Yea, we’ve had to let some people go recently, not draggin them around anymore!


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