With being home there’s so much to catch up on, I haven’t been near my computer. But I did want to give you all a quick update before we ALL go out tonight!!

We took Andrew up to the clinic yesterday to c how he was doing. He was sick the whole way up. It was so hard on him. He couldn’t even walk in we had to get a wheel chair for him. He was even getting sick when we got in there. He threw up on their floor. Once he was able to lay donw he felt better.

All they had to do was a finger prick to get a blood sample!! He was happy about that. He lost a bit of the weight that he had gained but not much. His #’s were outstanding!! He was 321 white count when we left Wed. and now he’s at 1,500!! A low normal!! Which means he could actually play football!! Yea, like that’s gonna happen! Or go to the movies, more like it. So instead we are going to the Irish Rover tonight where they are holding the benefit for Andrew on Thursday.

They wanted his platelets at 70,000 at least by Tuesday and they are at 85,000!! So his #’s r where they need to be to continue treatment. Bitter sweet really.

They gave him a nausea pill for the ride home and a prescription for at home for nausea. 8 pills of that are $321!!! How insane is that?? We have $60,000 worth of meds at home right now for him and that’s just the lovenox!! ONE DRUG!! This is so mind boggling!! In this country it pays NOT to have insurance and no income! Health care should be a right and not a luxury! Thank you Michael Moore for spreading the word!!

Found out today that if they find more than 5% of leukemia cells in his bone marrow after this 2nd treatment, then a transplant may be neccessary. But we all KNOW that is not the case because his bone marrow is healthy!!

He had a steak dinner tonight and dessert! No problem!! No throat numbing or spray!! No big production!! It’s so exciting to see him eat and walk about!! So it’s another party tonight!! Inviting everyone to meet us at The Rover. Martin will probably play tonight!

Gotta go for now to get ready, will write more later!!


Magickal Blessings!

P.S. Now that I’m home on my mac it does not copy and paste the cute lil icons. Sorry mom. You’ll have to wait till I’m back at the hospital for them.

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