An interesting thing happened the other night. Martin and I were out with a friend. Martin was off mingling with people while I was sitting and chatting away with our friend. While we were chatting away, I felt this energy surround me, like swirling around me and then a hint of a minty aroma. It was quick and felt pretty cool. I didn’t think anything about it because it was subtle and figured it was Andrew. My friend looks at me with a face like she just ate a whole lemon or something and asks, “Do you smell that?” I reply, ” I smell a minty aroma, why?” She looked at me like I had 3 heads and two of them were alien heads.

She says to me, “Seriously? Minty? What the hell are you smelling? Cause there ain’t nothing minty about what I’m smelling!” I looked at her confused, but not for long! All of a sudden I felt an energy shift for a split second, and that’s all I needed to get a whiff of what she was smelling. It was the most god awful smell! Worse than a bunch porta potties at a Metallica concert or 3 day road kill in the sun! It was thee worst thing I have ever smelled! It was so vile and I only got it for a split second before I felt the minty energy surround me again.

I was starting to put the puzzle together. I explained to my friend that negative energy has a nasty stench to it. As you become more aware of your intuitive abilities, smell is one way you can pick up on energies. I remember asking Martin when we had our metaphysical store, how he knew when people did an energy dump in our store. He told me that he would smell it, that it smelled, well, kind of like farts but worse. I know, what can I say? But that’s the best way I can explain it.

I got to experience it for myself first hand in our store. There was a woman in the back of our store, in our Wiccan section, when I walked by her to go into our back room. I smelled this awful smell as I walked into our back room. I asked Martin what the hell did he do? I mean seriously! What did he eat? Jeezus! Take it outside Dude! He swore it wasn’t him. He said it was negative energy from that woman in our Wiccan section. So I got to experience my first negative energy dump. Lucky me! What we smelled the other night was sooo much worse than that! It was pretty intense and vile. Probably because it wasn’t from just one person, but many. It can happen in public places. I figured I would talk to Martin about it when we got home.

It turned out I didn’t have to bring it up, Martin did! He said he was amazed that no one could see the negative energy that was floating around that place. I said, “Real-leee? Interesting you bring that up? What were you seeing?” He said he saw a black mist floating around. I told him what happened to me and my friend. I also realized when I got the smell for a split second of that nasty stuff, and then the minty aroma back quickly again, that it was Andrew protecting his Pretty Mama. It was his energy spinning around me like a protective web with a fresh minty aroma. :-D He’s such a good son! He’s always looking out for his Pretty Mama.

Now you are in the know as to what it is if you ever smell something really vile and there’s no 3rd dimensional reason for it. ;-) We’re here to help!


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