Muck definitely has friends in high places! It’s pretty awesome!

I had found my old wallet recently that had all the credit & discount cards I couldn’t find. I wondered where the heck they went to! *note to self, remember you leave stuff behind when you buy a new wallet!* I was especially delighted when I found my Rooms To Go card. I had gotten that one 3 years ago when Andrew and I went there for some new living room furniture and his new bed. I actually qualified for $7,000! I was so excited. It meant that my credit score was on the rise again. Yipeeeee! Of course that was short lived with the events that were to follow a few months later. :-(

When I found the Rooms To Go card the other day, I was excited because I hadn’t gotten a notice from them that they canceled me, oh  happy days! It must still be good! I figured with Andrew’s birthday next week that we’d go and get him the matching black dresser for his bedroom. That would really set his room off nicely.

Yea, Andrew had other plans. When I decided that that’s what I was gonna do, I “heard,” “No, get a new mattress for you and Daddy. You and Daddy need a new mattress more than my room getting anything else. You both deserve that!” I thought about it and he was right, we really do need a new mattress and maybe I’ll actually get more than 3 or 4 hrs sleep a night. Denise has a mattress from Rooms To Go and it is simply divine! I always lay on her bed when I go to her house.

Martin and I go to Rooms To Go today, our day off together, to check out beds. Just like Muck and I did 3 years ago. Muck and I laid on several different beds and sat on a lot of different couches to see which one would be just right. We had such a great time together that day. Of course then we had to come home and work like boogers to get his room painted before his new bed arrived. So Muck, Wes and I painted all weekend to get his room ready. We did it too! It turned out really nice.

When we get to Rooms To Go, we meet Brain the sales person, and tell him what we are looking for. He takes us around to several different beds. This bed is to hard, this one is too blah. By the time we got to the 4th one Martin and I were like, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, this one is just right! YAY! We found it! I give Brian my Rooms To Go card and ask him if it is still good and he informs me that it indeed is not valid anymore. :-( Awwww no way! DAMMIT! Yea, they changed finance companies yet again because they couldn’t get the terms they wanted for their customers. So, I was going to have to apply again! Uh-oh, don’t think that is going to end well for me, but I fill out the application anyway. I figured they could use a good a laugh when they run my app. What can I say? I’ma giver! ;-)

Martin and I sit there and chat away him telling me corny and Eddie Izzard jokes. We are very self amusing, so we are. We also imagined how they were gonna turn me down, plus we talked about just buying the mattress when we get back from our trip. Bottom line, we just released any ties to the outcome of my application. We just didn’t care either way, we knew that it was all good no matter what. We just may have to wait a few months to get the mattress was all.

I guess Andrew had other plans because not only did I get approved for $4500 :-o BUT we also got for FREE a 32 in flat screen Toshiba too! We’ve been wanting a flat screen for our bedroom! How cool is that??! We must be really great people to throw in a TV with our bed order. BUT Andrew wasn’t done yet! He wanted to make sure that he was right there with us helping out where he could.

As I was explaining to Brain, and his trainee how I was in there 3 years ago with my son and what happened a few months later, Martin said “look!” I turned around and on this big tv I see an up close shot of John Lennon! As I continue to watch, I realize it’s the “Imagine” video. Martin and I just stood there silently, watching it even though we couldn’t hear it, and took in the energy of our son’s love and devotion for us. It felt incredible! Martin had a personal experience with John Lennon the other week when Martin entered a song writing contest. It was pretty cool, but not for me to blog about. Muck and his friend John showed up to let us know that now matter what….


As I finished this post, Gwyneth Paltrow walked on “Ellen” and they played Cold Play’s Viva La Vida. Just another hug from my Muck!

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