Now gather around my kiddies because this is going to be yet another simple but powerful lesson from our PureHeart, although it seems like there is a bit of our Muck thrown in the mix as well. ;-)

Denise came down today from Bradenton for a wee break from studying for her board finals for her acupuncture license. As you can imagine, it’s pretty intense. We were sitting at Olive Garden enjoying a yummy frozen tiramazu drink as she proceeds to tell me about how Andrew, “The Muck,” PureHeart, cheered her up and gave her some perspective during this stressful time yesterday.

She spent the last two days having a semi melt down about her finals. Yesterday she was crying and begging for help from her Guides, her Angels, & Andrew since they were buds, and as you know if you’ve been reading this from the beginning, they were apparently dating while he was in the hospital too. LOL

The next thing Denise knows, Andrew shows up and then shows her Gene Simmons from Kiss clear as a bell, and Gene saying, “It’s good to be…ME!” like he does at the beginning of his show, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” Seeing this made Denise laugh, she thought it was so funny to see this because she hasn’t seen the show in almost 2 years! She then realized that Andrew was trying to get her to feel the way Gene does about himself and his life. You don’t have to be a mega big, rich, rock star to feel that way, you can feel that way right now, right where you are in your life. I know it hit me like a ton of bricks because I know that even while Andrew was in the hospital, going through aggressive and evasive leukemia treatment, he genuinely felt, “it’s good to be..ME!” How many of us can say that now? Not sure I can. I know nobody wants to be me and there are times I don’t want to be either, but this lil diddy has got me thinking.

The weird thing is I haven’t watched Gene’s show in quite awhile. I didn’t even catch too many of the episodes from last season, yet I watched a few hours of it yesterday. The same day Andrew showed Denise, Gene saying this phrase. She wasn’t even going to tell me about this encounter but Andrew nudged her to. I think he nudged her so I could validate that it was indeed Andrew helping her out, and also because he knew I would blog about it.

I pointed out to her that Andrew also gave her a quick affirmation that will immediately shift her energy if she feels overwhelmed again, because when she talked about the exam and setting up a new practice and she felt the anxiety creepin in, she said, “it’s good to be…ME! It’s good to be me!” Then she laughed remembering how Andrew showed her Gene. What a great and simple way to immediately shift your energy!

SO when things get overwhelming and you get fed up, just remember to say, “IT’S GOOD TO BE….ME!!!”


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5 Responses to IT’S GOOD TO BE…ME!

  1. Denise says:

    Awesome!!!! and yes IT”S GOOD TO BE……. ME!!!! Thank you Andrew

  2. admin says:

    did I get the story right??! :-)

  3. kerri thompson says:

    interesting u should write this, cos i was actually comming to ur blog to ask u something about this. i wanted to know what ur muck did when things were tough to keep a good mind? i am having alot of health struggles and sometimes get tired and run down and feel yucky. i try to look at it as if there are others who have it harder than me. this works alot of the time, but when i get depressed on top of sick of being sick, i wonder what others do to keep their chin up?? i know ur muck was special, being an avatar and all, but was there anything else that he did, or u all did together to lighten the mood or brighten the outlook? maybe he was lucky to not get down at the same time as sick, but just in case u have any words of advise, i am asking.
    thanks in advance,

  4. admin says:

    Andrew had a few moments here and there where things got him down. We talked about it. let him vent, & helped him move thru the feelings. We didn’t tell him not to feel them, he had every right to feel them. I think you have to feel them to move thru them. One Sunday he said “Mommy, I’m feeling a little depressed.” I told him that was normal, he had every right to feel that way. Then we discussed how we could help him move thru it. I asked him if he wanted me to play the movie “The Secret” He said yes. It played for 12 hours straight! It lifted his spirits after the 1st play but he wanted it on all that time. We did a manifesting exercise during our slumber party that night. We always tried to focus on what was right with our lives and the blessings we had.

    I suggest watching movies that make you laugh. Things that make you feel good. Andrew also loved playing his Final Fantasy games that he got on E-Bay. He looked forward to that everyday. He was so excited about playing them.

    Bottom line, sometimes you are just gonna feel like shit and be pissed off. Honor those feelings, then look for something that makes you laugh.

    Hopes this helps

  5. kerri thompson says:

    thanks. it helps alot!!

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