Figured I’d throw in a silly story to break things up and also something for you to read while I’m waiting for my next letter from Andrew.

I was trying to use my blue tooth that Martin got me for Christmas. He spent like $50 or so, mid range, and the charger already fell apart! WTF?? So we taped it together and I charged it and decided to play with it today trying not to turn into the crazy old lady of the neighborhood w/the wiener dog. I was EXTREMELY bored and didn’t want a tidal wave to start building up again so I whipped my blue tooth out and proceeded to start calling. It was calling everyone but the one I wanted. I wouldn’t know until I got the answering machine.

I decided to call my sister since she called me last night. Andrew appears to her as a white light behind her and she has seen part of his head. She said the light is getting dimmer and he is leaving. I informed her that he indeed is NOT leaving her. It is her that needs to meditate to stay connected. We have to do our part.

I noticed too, that the 1st week after he ascended I was hypersensitive & felt him easier, would vibrate more, feel him more, ect. I was also in shock. I realize now, I have still been in shock and I’m starting to come out of it so the realization is starting to really hit me that he really isn’t coming home. SO the tidal waves come.

But now on to the funny! So as I’m trying to use my blue tooth, Martin is in Andrew’s bathroom and he & Andrew hear me say “Call Scabber” (my nick name for my sister…don’t ask) Then they hear me say “NO! Call Scabber! Work!” The voice recognition wasn’t understanding me so I had to keep doing it. Martin starts talking and Andrew sez “Shhhh Listen daddy! This is funny” So the 2 of them are in the bathroom laughing at me as I’m saying loudly “Call Scabber! No! Call Scabber! Work!” Martin comes out of the bathroom laughing saying, “Andrew was telling me to be quiet so we could hear you better because we were LOAO at you!” Good to know I could make them laugh, even if it was at my expense. :-D Have to admit, I was laughing too.

No matter how devastating things can get for me, we ALWAYS manage to laugh. Even the very next day after Andrew ascended, me, Martin, Elatia, Ed, Lori, Lori’s parents, Cory & CJ would sit in silence then I would say something funny, even about the prior night when he left and we would ALL be LOAO! It made it ok for others to share funny stories about Andrew. Humor really is the best medicine! Martin knows when things are way serious if he can’t make me laugh, then it’s time to call the guys with the white, love me jackets! It hasn’t happened yet. :-D Even if it means making fun of me having a melt down, we are comedians through and through w/o doubt.


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6 Responses to SILLY STORY

  1. Denise says:

    Yes you two are sooooooo funny:D you always make ME laugh!!!! as Martin says always go for the laugh

    {{{{{{{{Hugs }}}}}}}}}

    P.S. Thanks for dinner and talking me home, I really appreciate it

    Love you

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Is it a conincidence that LOAO starts with “LOA”? Way to get into a higher vibration, eh? LOLOLOL!!!!

  3. Swati says:

    Dear Connie,

    Keep smiling (and cry when you want to), keep laughing, and keep making everyone laugh.

    I am leaving tomorrow for India. Have a LOVELY time…and continue working on our plan to see, hear, feel, touch Andrew just the way you did before!

    Say bye bye to Martin too.

    Bye everyone :-).


  4. Lisa Selow says:

    Always enjoy your writings, Connie.

    It is so true about humor. I remember the night my grandma passed my husband and I were on our way out to leave the hospital room to go home. We were laughing about something with my mom and that is when my grandma decided to transition. Grandma wanted to be sure we were okay and us laughing gave her the opening to do so.

    Lots of love to you! Not many people understand what it is like to physically lose someone while at the same time understanding that the spiritual connection continues–and how this still holds its challenges at times for us “spiritual” folk. Thank you so much for sharing your journey so openly and honestly. If I haven’t said it before, you help me so much and I’m so grateful…

    Lots of love,

  5. admin says:

    Thank you Lisa, I am so glad that I have been able to help you. That is my hope while going through all of this and so publicly, that others may learn and be helped in some way. So thank you!

  6. Joanie Light says:

    OMG…that is so funny about the Blue Tooth. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve got one too and more than once wanted to send it flying. Poor little thing is now consigned permanently to the desk drawer or I’d have to flush it out of frustration.

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