Andrew did well today. He was more quiet tonight. He said he felt neutral. Not sure what that means but I’ll take. He said he was still awesme. He started this dose of chemo at 11:30am for 3 hours. His last dose is at 11:30pm tonight (Tues) and goes till 2:30am Wed. Then he’s done till transplant. Speaking of transplant….. (yet another great segway! :-) )

I ran into the transplant doc when I came back. Unavoidable. :\ He had great news and well, not as great news I guess. I don’t want to say bad. He said that the donor will be available for whatever date is needed. I almost cried. I can’t even explain what I felt, I think it was overwhelming love for this man. I just can’t believe what this person, whom we’ve never met, is willing to do whatever it takes to help save my son’s life! I am blown away by his generosity! Of course this is what we have been asking for right?? The perfect donor. The date for the transplant is set for Nov 16 with us coming back (If we get to leave) on the Nov 5th to begin the prep for it.

We talked to the transplant doc about this dose of chemo he’s on now. It hasn’t effected his numbers too bad. He said wait, it will. This chemo is stronger than what he’ll get in isolation. :eek He said this was a very aggressive chemo and we have to watch and make sure his organs stay healthy :eek and that he will probably get bad mouth sores again and he’s not sure if we’ll make it home b 4 transplant because the recovery could take awhile! :eek Then again he really doesn’t know who he is dealing with, now does he?? ;) Nor does he know how many people we have that are holding the truth for Andrew either! ;)

We talked w/Andrew about drinking lots of water to help his organs to detox. He immediately said he wanted Adele the HTT to do some body talk with him tomorrow/now today. She tells him what his body needs because she tunes into it. SO far his body hasn’t needed anything extra from him. SO his organs may need a little extra help from us, giving them the strength to breeze thru this round easily and peacefully in great health. On one sticker I put on the chemo cylinder I write “My body only uses only what it needs and releases the rest with grace and ease! The other one I write Healing Grace, Joy & Gratitude and I draw hearts on the chemo bag itself. So there’s a lot of love in them chemo bags!! :D

Now on to silly stuff. I dropped some nuts last night on the floor & forgot about it. Not the silly part, just the clumsy part & the lazy part. YUP! The ants came marching in. :x When I came back today/yestrday, they were still there all over the nuts. Martin called house keeping & was preparing for them to come in to clean it up and I go over by him and ALL of the ants are congregated by a wrapped staw. I asked ” Why are they all by the straw now???” it was so odd! Martin sez “I called a meeting and told them it was urgent.” :eek What?? SO now we call him the Ant Whisperer!! :rollin :rollin Never a dull moment in room 260B :lol :lol

THANK YOU FOR ANDREW’S PERFECT HEALTH! SO IT IS!! :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :blowkiss

Magickal Blessings!

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