What can I say??? Just another great day at ACH! Andrew is awesome as usual! I took the cutest pic of him doing his rock star sign while all hooked up to an IV pole. Too funny! Now that’s what they should put on the “hotel” brochure! :lol

We took a walk to the transplant area. We saw our room. There’s only one left and he’s the only one almost ready for the transplant so we figure it will b our room. It’s HUGE!! The other girl whose waiting for a transplant has a bit to go b 4 she’ll b ready. Hopefully she’ll make transplant. It’s her 3rd relapse which isn’t a help. :\

He was feeling so energetic we went to the cafeteria too!! It felt great to be walking around w/him. Everyday is like Christmas I tell ya!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Andrew has been considered a “light case” for awhile now :dog :dog :dog :hula hula :hula I was sooooo excited to realize that last night. We didn’t get our fav night nurse the last few nights. We had another one who was in transplant w/ 2 patients so she had to get a light case on our side and Andrew is the lightest case I believe!! WOoooo Hooooo We actually have the room furthest away from the nurse’s station!! ANother good sign!! :hula

My sister came bearing or is it baring? (Never mind, I’ll move on) a big steak dinner and a foot massage. He ate it all!! I think she had to pull the tin foil outta his mouth! We felt he was in good hands so Martin and I got to leave for an hour!! TOGETHER! :hula We went to the clown house to do laundry!! woot woot! We felt like teenagers!! :lol :lol We sat outside to talk. It’s cooled down to 72 degrees!! SO what if it was 11:30pm that’s a cold front in our book! Ok Ok I got a back rub too! ;) I mean we’re not crazy!! :lol

Tomorrow starts his 2 day round of chemo. He did real well last time! ALtho his ANC #s didn’t drop. Not sure if they are suppose to or not. He was at 1992 which is a bit over the normal 1800. I don’t know if they are looking to bring his ANC # down to the 10 mark again or not. They might be saving that for transplant. I’ll have Martin ask tomorrow.

Just remember we are

holding the vision of the

 bone marrow being below

 the 5% mark in blast

 cells!!! That’s our next goal

 and it’s a real important


I know we can achieve that!! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Must’ve just channeled my sis in law in Belfast there!! :lol



Magickal Blessings!

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