Because we ROCKED Brandon tonight!

Well, that got your attention huh?? I think I was channeling Kathy Griffin. Metaphysical comedians can channel other comedians, dead or alive, it’s in the rule book. ;-)

Tonight made up for last night’s cancellation in Sarasota at Elysian Fields. We had a full house tonight in Brandon at Under The Gypsy Moon, which holds more than Elysian Fields. The audience was great! They helped make the comedy part fun. Martin kicked some bootay with the audience readings. It was a great night all the way around. We had a blast and that is how I judge how a show goes, how much fun did we have. A LOT! :-)

Andrew’s presence is very much felt there, even when we are not there. It is very cool to watch how Andrew effects the people that “get” what we are doing, and want to help us get out there. Andrew works with those that want to help us. They feel his love and peace which brings them the same. It is just awe inspiring to watch.

We went to Denny’s afterward, don’t ask, we just did ok? :-p Being the good numerologist that Martin is, he was adding up the numbers on our ck. Everything kept coming up with 1’s! Our bill was $11.22. But our tax and Jeremy’s tax was an 11, the server’s number was 11, the date? 11. Their phone #? 11.Tesha, at Under The Gypsy Moon, does the same thing with numbers and all the numbers she was adding up were coming up to 1’s there as well! Andrew’s destiny number??? ONE! Coinkydink? I think not! Andrew was all over the place. And that is fine by me.

Jeremy and I almost had Martin adding up everything on our place mats and menu. It’s a complusion of Martin’s to add up numbers AND letters, it was almost too easy to get him to add up the place mats and menu. You could see him fighting the urge. LOL

Martin had a nice father/son moment outside after the show, but I’ll let him tell you about it on his blog. ;-) There’s a beautiful lesson in it of course, for those who may be missing someone who has transitioned.


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6 Responses to SARASOTA CAN “SUCK IT!”

  1. Karen T. says:

    Aww man! I would have totally come up to Brandon. Guess I should stay more on top of your gig schedule.


  2. Leah Clark says:

    I drive by that place on Monday and Thursday nights when I take Sarah to Tae Kwon Do. It’s always closed by the time I go by, but I’ve been drawn to it for months. Guess I know why now!!! I’m SO glad that the momentum is building for you!! BRING IT ON!!!

  3. Jeremy says:

    LOL… Yeah sometimes it is too easy to get Martin going. But that’s why we’re friends right? My bad.. hehehe..

    It was a very fun night, the store has a lot of powerful energy going on there and the people were great.

    all in all a very fun & very Abundant!! Night!

    I was so glad to see a full house for you guys. Now we just need to get one for the concert too!

    Much thanks to everyone who took part in it all.

  4. admin says:

    Ok, note to self, sending out notes on FB w/our schedule… a waste of time! LOL Karen. Not that I expected you to go to Brandon. I can’t apologize enough for Elysian Fields canceling.

    It is so nice to have a few places in FL that adore us and love what we do! FINALLY! All it takes is a few places to get the ball rolling and to keep us going.

    Glad you came with us Jeremy. We always appreciate your input. PLUS we have the best conversations to and from the shows. WE should be taped and on a reality show! Not only are we entertaining as hell, BUT we teach in between ROFLOAO! When are people going to be ready for some REAL entertaining reality tv and not just a bunch of skank ho’s back biting each other for some dumb ass??

  5. Karen T. says:

    I think because I was all set for Elysian Fields, I ignored the rest. Oops. :)

  6. admin says:

    Welcome to my world! LOL

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