That is what these concerts are. Sooooo beyond Martin and I. We are honored to be a part of such an important mission as this. To be able to help an Avatar continue his purpose here on Earth from the Other Side. It is so mind boggling to think how big this really is! It’s what helps me deal with the fact my son is no longer physically here. I still struggle with it, but these concerts and the stories I receive help tremendously!

When I tell people about the show, I tell them how blessed they will be for going. It has nothing to do with Martin and I, but everything to do with what Andrew does with the energy during the concert. People are just deeply effected by the concert. I know Martin and I feel blessed by doing it, but hearing how everyone else feels and is effected by the show, makes our blessing even bigger! I know Andrew wants those that are supporting us now, before anyone knows who we are, to really be blessed. It’s easy to show up when you know of the person and what they do, like John Edward, Doreen Virtue or James Van Praagh, or even Hannah Montana. :-) But to show up not really knowing who we are and what our show is about? Well, not only do we appreciate it, but so does Andrew! He blesses those who support his parents.

There is just so much more going on during our show than meets the physical eye. Which brings us to Jeremy. We love having him at our shows because he sees the other cool stuff that’s going on. Like Thursday night at Mystikal Scents in Thonotosassa. While we weren’t outside, it didn’t stop Jeremy from seeing some more cool stuff!

Mystikal Scents has a bunch of crystals of course, like any good metaphysical store should. Jeremy said during the concert the crystals just glowed and illuminated the store even more! He even said the skull crystals were singing along with Martin to the Monty Python song “The Bright Side Of Life.” LOL I believe that is the song he said he saw the crystal skull’s mouths moving to. See? Our show has a show within a show! ROFLMAO

AND NO! Jeremy is not “on” anything when he sees this stuff. That would mean Martin was “on” something all of the time! LOL If you can master meditation and raise your vibration that way, you won’t need mind altering drugs to see the cool stuff AND you get a better high this way! Cool huh?

Well, I think I am going to go off and meditate now w/the cool crystal we got last week from Jeff. Let the adventures begin! :-D


BTW, Martin has several wonderful meditation cd’s for download. If you need help meditating, these will help tremendously!

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4 Responses to SO BEYOND US!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I have to disagree – I don’t think these shows are beyond you at all! I think you and Martin are the PERFECT fit for them, and that’s why you all and Andrew are on this soul journey together. It takes a certain amount of chutzpa and strength to keep calling, keep booking, and keep SPEAKING YOUR/THE TRUTH! So I believe the Universe knows what she’s (;)) doing!!! So there! :P

  2. Leah Clark says:

    (ha – that was supposed to look like this – ( ;) )

  3. Jeremy says:

    Definitely not “ON” anything… Like you said its just a matter of knowing how to open those parts of your mind….. also the Crystals were Singing/Vibrating to the songs as well.

    I’m very excited to see what will be at tonight’s show.

  4. admin says:

    I guess what I mean to say is that all this being beyond us, is so much bigger than Martin and I, it’s not about us at all. We are the messengers, there is something beyond our physical selves that is in control here creating this and obviously possessing us to keep us going! (hmmm maybe a sneaky Avatar?)

    After all the trauma we’ve been thru, there is something else definitely keepin us going. To have the rejection, the run around, phone hung up on us, low turnouts, canceled shows etc, you know it ain’t us keeping us going! It’d be hard for someone who was just following a dream to keep going, add no family around to lean on, and major trauma on top of it…no mere mortal could keep going without something Higher driving this ship!

    Now tonight Jeremy, is the comedy show, while laughter is a high vibration, it’s no comparison to the vibration of the concert. Then again, who knows with what we have been doing with the concerts, maybe “the powers that be,” “the Higher Ups” will be just as involved tonight. ;-) I better git to rehearsing! I haven’t done the full act since Sept! :-o

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