Since Martin apparently isn’t going to blog about his father/son moment with Andrew I will! I’ll do my best to remember what Martin told me. He can correct anything or add to it if he needs to.

When we did our show on Saturday in Brandon at Under The Gypsy Moon, Martin went outside for some air. As he is standing there, he feels Andrew beside him. Martin felt Andrew’s arm around him like he would always do leaning on Martin, and he leaned his head against Martin’s. Martin could feel the warm energy of his “wee” (6ft 4in) son. :-D right beside him.

Martin was telling Andrew that he really enjoyed the show that night. Andrew said he did too, that Martin and I are on form. Then Martin said to Andrew, “Muck, you know what?” Muck, “What Daddy?” Martin, “I have to say, even with you on the Other Side, and all that we have been through, I am happy.” Muck gave him the feeling & look of “You’re getting it Daddy. This makes me happy.” It was like one of those, “Ahhh Grasshopper you learn well” moments. lol They enjoyed each others’ company alone for a few more minutes then Martin had to finish bringing stuff to the car.

One of these days I will have more vivid mother/son moments, conversations even! I have more than most that are in the same position as me, but I’m working my way up to Martin’s kind of connection with Andrew. Or even the cool visits Leah gets with Andrew. I’ll get there one of these days.


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  1. Karen T. says:

    I wish you a speedier trip there Connie!

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