Safe and Sound

Well, Andrew is at it again with the songs. I know when he sends me a song, because of the certain feeling I get. It’s hard to put into words. But I will get a certain feeling when I hear a song and I know it’s from him, and I know I am suppose to pay attention to the lyrics. It usually takes a few tries for him to get my attention. It’s when I think, “I really like this song, I wonder why?” Then I get that feeling that is my son’s energy and I start to pay attention.

The latest song is Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. The lyrics that really spoke to me were:

I could lift you up!
I could show you what you want to see
And take you where you want to be

I could fill your cup
You know my river won’t evaporate
This world we still appreciate

I could show you love
In a tidal wave of mystery
You’ll still be standing next to me

I have been asking Andrew to lift me up, take me places, show me things, but I know it’s on my end that is holding that experience up. When I heard the line “I could show you love in a tidal wave of mystery,” it took me places. He is letting me know that there is so much more that we can explore together and that I am still standing right next to him. There are no words to describe adequately what he let me know. But he wanted to let me know he is ready when I am, and also that I am safe and sound… no matter what.

The song came on while on my way to work the other day. I love when he does that, he’s letting me know that he is going to my job with me. It also came on while on my way home from work. For a split second I wondered if it was from him, the following song that came on afterward let me know that it was. Plus the feeling I get from him, his way of giving me a hug now. It is such an amazing energy. Yes, physical hugs are amazing, but he is showing me that energy is where it’s at baby! I feel so grateful that I am still able to get hugs from him since he left, just in a new way, an energetic way, our natural state of being way.

Our loved ones are always reaching out to us to let us know they are still with us. It doesn’t mean they aren’t at peace, quite the contrary. They want you to feel the same peace they do. As far as “being at rest?” Hahahaha I don’t think rest is in their vocab! It’s the physical body that needs rest, not our soul.

Anyway, I was thinking as Safe and Sound played, about the tv producer that is still interested in telling Andrew’s story. I recently contacted her to see if she was still looking to tell his story. I was delighted to get an instant response that she still was. I was thinking about how this project might go, she said it was a tricky one since Andrew is not physically here & she does documentaries and not movies. But he did visit her while we were in N Ireland and it left her speechless. She said she was still processing it when she told me about “meeting” him earlier this year when I originally connected with her. While I was thinking about this upcoming project with her, I forgot about my millisecond thought about wondering if the song was from Andrew. That was when the next song that came on caught my attention.

The next song is a song that came out after Andrew left, by Bruno Mars. When I first heard it I knew my Muck woulda been all about this song. I wish I could remember the other song about making money that came out when he was younger, he was all about that song.

The current song that came on the radio was, “Billionaire.” Andrew would always talk about how rich he wanted to be. He wanted to be beyond a billionaire. In fact I think he made up his own term for it, like gazillionaire or something of that nature. He would always tell me how he was going to buy a big ole mansion and Martin and I were going to live with him. I’m still holding him to that!

When I first watched the video to Safe and Sound, Andrew highlighted a few parts for me. He made me laugh with the girl with that 1980’s typical aerobic look and move. I heard him say, “That’s you PrettyMama!” Indeed it was me back in the 80’s, I can not deny that one. Too many pictures of me looking like that to prove it. Then he highlighted the word “Bliss” when it came up after the 80’s aerobic chick. He wants me to stay in my bliss and he will help me do that! That could be a full time job in itself! LOL

Anyway, when the song “Billionaire” came on, I got that familiar energy hug and it brought tears to my eyes, another sign I know it’s my Muck hugging his PrettyMama!

He always lets me know he’s right there by my side in a tidal of love and mystery, and that I’m safe and sound!






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  1. Kerri Thompson says:

    I love stories like these n how u explain them cos they r so true n u say it better than me. I believe in messages like this. Thanks for sharing n caring…

  2. admin says:

    That’s why I share my experiences Kerri, to validate what others may be experiencing as well & to educate those that are seeking. Thanks for reading!

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